Mark Wahlberg Takes Page From Dwayne Johnson’s Book, Invests in Tequila Brand

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Mark Wahlberg is the latest celebrity to invest in an alcohol brand. This week, the Boogie Nights actor announced that he’s bought a stake in Flecha Azul Tequila.

Ever since George Clooney sold off part of his Casamigos brand for a reported $1 billion, the alcohol industry has been all the rage amongst Hollywood’s A-listers. And Tequila has been one of the most popular spirits.

So it’s no surprise that Marky Mark is following suit. However, the actor claims that his latest business move came from his friendship with Flecha Azul’s founders Aron Marquez and PGA pro golfer Abraham Ancer, not a desire to rake in the money.

Wahlberg met Marquez and Ancer in 2019. And the three gentlemen bonded over their shared beliefs in faith, family, hard work—and great tequila.

“I was just really loving what they were doing [with Flecha Azul],” he told Hollywood Reporter. “And I loved their story; everything that they’ve done is so similar to what I’m trying to build on my own, one step at a time.”

Wahlberg joined the company as an equity partner, which means he “cut a big fat check” and told the guys that he’ll use his celebrity status to promote the brand.

But aside from that, Mark Wahlberg will let Marquez and Ancer control the company. Because as he shared, the label is “successful because of the work that they’ve put in.”

Furthermore, the actor has noticed that Flecha Azul Tequila has been able to hold its own in the industry, despite the fact that it’s competing with some major names. And that alone is reason to believe in the company.

“I was just seeing other people — George [Clooney] who’s a friend, Dwayne [Johnson], who’s a friend — becoming hugely successful. I’m really happy for them and what they’ve created,” he shared. “But here are guys that are the real deal. And they created something in their wheelhouse that I think is a superior product. So I thought, if those other guys have had that type of success, imagine the type of success that Aron and Abe could have — and that they deserve. It’s much more their thing than it is mine.”

Why Tequila? Because it Fits Mark Wahlberg’s Lifestyle

But out of all the types of alcohol on the market, why did Mark Walhberg gravitate towards Tequila? Well, because it fits his lifestyle—”as a fitness guy.”

When the Oscar nominee was old enough, his drink of choice was wine. But as he soon realized, it was hard to burn off all the calories. So he decided to explore different options.

“Somebody said, ‘if you drink tequila instead of wine, you don’t have to work out as hard.’ It’s not as many calories and it’s not as much fluid intake. That’s when I started drinking tequila,” Walhberg shared.

And he met his now-business partners after he set out to sample all the different brands on the market.

“You could tell the difference between really good tequila and stuff that’s curated by somebody else, who might not have the same level of experience,” he said.

But of course, you shouldn’t just take Mark Wahlberg’s word for it. To learn more about Flecha Azul Tequila or try the agave-based liquor for yourself, visit the website here.