Mark Wahlberg Looks Unfazed in a Shipwreck in New Poster for ‘Uncharted’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

The film may still be a few months away, but a brand new teaser poster featuring Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland as they prepare to explore some Uncharted territory in their upcoming flick has now been released.

And, the action stars look as cool as ever in the recently released pic, each looking absolutely unphased by the shipwreck that sits directly behind the action movie stars as they pull off some pretty impressive action-star poses.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Mark Wahlberg, who has made a prolific career for himself in a variety of action-packed films throughout his career. And, this is exactly why we love him, too. And, thankfully Wahlberg shared the brand new Uncharted image to his Twitter page Wednesday morning.

“Boom,” the action star says in the December 15 Twitter post depicting the Uncharted stars, Wahlberg and Holland. “Exclusively in theaters February 18.”

The upcoming film features Mark Wahlberg and Spiderman: No Way Home star Tom Holland as two treasure hunters caught in a variety of action-packed situations as they unearth lost cities and hidden treasures located all over the globe.

Uncharted features Mark Wahlberg in the role of Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Sully is an expert treasure hunter who takes on Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake as a sort of apprentice treasure hunter.

This upcoming 2022 release is a prequel to the hugely popular Uncharted games. The film follows Nathan as he develops an interest in treasure hunting and, as a result, connects with Sully in searching for the elusive treasures.

While both of the Uncharted stars have had massively successful careers in the action movie industry, one star recently joked about how he has dropped the ball on his training compared to his costar.

Holland Impresses Longtime Action Star Mark Wahlberg

“I saw him walk onto set in his costume and I was like, ‘F—, he is twice my size,’ ” Tom Holland told GQ in a November interview.

The Hollywood star notes that Mark Wahlberg is an absolute “unit.”

And, Holland says, this inspired the superstar while the film took a break in filming.

“After the [COVID] lockdown, we had five months off,” says Holland. “I just ate and trained and ate and trained.”

According to the actor, this impressed his Uncharted costar. And, when the actors returned to the set, Wahlberg couldn’t help but admire Holland’s dedication to his new training regimen.

“The first thing he said to me was ‘wow, somebody has been training,'” the movie star notes.

Plans for this upcoming action flick began years ago in 2008, but production didn’t begin until 2020.

Initially, Mark Wahlberg was approached to portray Nathan Drake, but he turned down the role.

In 2017 Tom Holland was cast in the role, and shortly after this, Wahlberg returned to the film, this time cast as Sully.