Mark Wahlberg’s Daughter Channels Her Inner Cowgirl

by Amanda Glover

Just because Halloween ended almost two months ago, doesn’t mean you have to put off dressing up until next year. Mark Wahlberg’s daughter just proved that!

In a recent post to his Instagram, Mark Wahlberg’s daughter channels her inner cowgirl. In the picture, the two pose side-by-side in sneakers and sweatshirts. Wahlberg rocked a lime-green Municipal sweatshirt, navy blue shorts, and multi-colored sneakers. The lovely Grace sported a grey sweatshirt, red and black plaid pants, with green, black, and white sneakers. She covered her eyes with blue sunglasses. The biggest surprise: she wore a glittery purple cowgirl hat.

Followers of the actor left hundreds of supportive comments under the post: “So cute God Bless you and your family.” Another chimed in, “You guys look really cool together enjoy your day!!!”

What’s Next for the Movie Star?

These looks are quite the creative ones when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit. Maybe the two were about to head out somewhere. Or maybe just playing dress-up in their house. Though we highly doubt Wahlberg is doing any promotions for his new movie, Uncharted, in this outfit.

Even though the action/adventure film is set to premiere in a few months, fans are already excited to see Marky Mark’s newest film! Not just because of Wahlberg, but because of the loveable Tom Holland. Now that’s a combination.

The upcoming film is based on a video game of the same name. In this film, Wahlberg and Holland’s characters go on a dangerous treasure hunt. The two are also tracking down the long-lost brother of Holland’s character.

The film is set to be released on February 18th, 2022.

Municipal Promotions

Wahlberg and his daughter showed off these specific shirts to showcase his clothing brand.

Municipal is a popular clothing brand that specializes in athletic wear. It was founded by both Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson, who have been pals and partners for over twenty years. The two have spent that time “creating game-changing, well-known content and several businesses together.”

After concluding that there was no one creating clothing needed to venture out anywhere and do everything needed, they worked hard to create looks that were not only comfortable but adaptable.

The two often spend their days participating in one activity to the next. Wahlberg and Levinson chose to start a company that remained loyal to the idea of making those activities less difficult by wearing comfortable clothing.

Wahlberg’s daughter definitely seems to appreciate her father’s creation.