Martha Stewart Reveals Nativity Scene She Crafted in Prison

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Friends of Hudson River Park)

Earlier this week, retail businesswoman, writer, and television personality Martha Stewart took to TikTok to share details about the Nativity Scene she crafted while in prison. 

“You’ll never guess where I made this nativity scene,” Martha Stewart declared in the video. “Get ready for a storytime.”


You’ll never guess where I made this nativity scene…😇Get ready for a storytime #HolidayCountdown #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

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Martha Stewart then explained how she made the nativity scene while she was confined. The TV personality even has her prison number on the bottom of the Baby Jesus. She also shared the other statues that she made, along with a set for purchase. “These are the exact replicas of the nativity scene that I made in my pottery class. While I was away at camp.”

In 2004, Martha Stewart was notably convicted of felony charges related to the ImClone stock trading case. The TV personality and businesswoman was found guilty of conspiracy to obstruct, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators. She then served five months in the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia. She was also fined $30,000.

Martha Steward Opens Up About Her Time in Prison 

During a February 2021 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart spoke about her time in prison. “I knew I was strong going in,” the TV personality explained. “And I was certainly strong coming out.

Martha Stewart also admitted that while she doesn’t wish to talk about her experience in prison. However, she does acknowledge that it was a serious happening in her life. “I take it very seriously. I’m not bitter about it, but… my daughter knows all the problems that resulted because of that. There’s a lot.”

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart said that the experience helped her bond with Snoop Dogg, who also served time in prison for drug charges in the early 1990s. She stated to CBS in 2017, “Yes, that [conviction] helped because people knew how crazy and unfair… all of that was. And in Snoop’s world, it gave me the street credit I was lacking.”

Martha Stewart also admitted the one big regret she has about going to prison. “My only big regret that I can talk about is that Saturday Night Live asked me to host. My probation officer wouldn’t give me the time. That really pissed me off. Because I would have loved to have hosted Saturday Night Live. I’d like that on my resume.”

In regards to the life advice she would give to her fans, Martha Stewart added, “I’ve said it so many times, but take your life into your own hands. Don’t let people direct you. Know what you want. I really believe in that.”