‘Mayans M.C.’: Everything to Know About Upcoming Fourth Season

by Chase Thomas

Mayans M.C. still has a lot of stories left to tell. The spin-off series from the original great Sons of Anarchy is heading into Season 4 with much anticipation from fans all over. However, what do we know about where the show will take Season 4? Where will the show go? Each season thus far has contained ten episodes and that figures to be the case in Season 4 as well.

Season 3 premiered in May of 2021 and Season 4 was confirmed not long after that. The fourth season will continue to air on FX and star a lot of the same names and faces from Season 3. However, an official release date has not been announced as of this writing.

Elgin James Takes Over ‘Mayans M.C.’

Kurt Sutter and Elgin James started this project together. However, Sutter exited the series following Season 2. This has been James’ show since. The show has maintained its popularity, hence why it got picked up for a fourth season FX. It is a completely different story and feels than Sons of Anarchy, which makes the show stand out more on its own.

James told Collider, “It was always supposed to be the plan. For Season 3, Kurt and I had discussed that it was gonna be the plan. TV is strange because it really is a showrunner’s vision. Those first two seasons really was his vision. I was so lucky for him to hire me. I wrote a pilot that no one’s ever seen, that was more like this show, and this is the show that I pitched, but then as was his right, to make sure that there was this bridge between the two mythologies, the first two seasons were that.”

That was a big risk for the show to change two seasons in. They had to bridge two stories together. Two visions together for the show on FX. However, it worked out for James and the show.

He concluded, “I always felt like an impostor because people really liked the show and when they talked about it, I’d be like, “Yeah, man, my name’s on that show and I’m working every day. I’m so proud of my brothers and sisters who work on the show, in front of the camera and behind the camera.” I was ready. There are things that we talked about, in my first meeting with Kurt in his office. I remember that day perfectly and those are the stories that we’re getting to. He did the work in the first two seasons to build the bridge and now we can take off. Everyone was ready.”

And the rest was history on the hit show Mayans M.C.