‘Mayor of Kingstown’: Everything that Happened in the Finale

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“Mayor of Kingstown” wrapped its first season, and there’s a whole to unpack in that final episode.

By now, you know about the prison upheaval, Iris holed up in Mike McClusky’s pad, and Kyle’s survival with fatherhood on the way. Looper goes into a lot of those high points.

But it just seems so strange for everything to wrap up as it did. I didn’t like Episode 9 and the rush of everything happening in one episode like that.’ 

Then, Episode 10 came, neatly wrapping up the whole first season with a bow.

For full disclosure, I caught up with the season after some binge-watching right before the final “Mayor of Kingstown” episode, so I’ll say my feelings are pretty fresh. But that finale did have its high points, so we’ll give the writers that.

Mike’s Negotiation Skills Come To A Head

The show started with Mitch having one particular job and Mike doing the other aspects. I got used to McLusky rolling up on crime scenes for the final few “Mayor of Kingstown” episodes. At first, it seemed unnatural with Renner’s character out of place, but it grew on me.

Then, Mitch died, and Mike tried to do it all. At times, he looked like he hated it. Other times, he looked so used to it. 

Episode 10 happens, and Mike is the last to the prison takeover party. He drives back, his cellphone signal comes back and his day gets crazy. I resented the fact that as necessary of a “Mayor” job Renner’s character had that he couldn’t have been reached sooner for something like a prison riot?

Then, Mike becomes the prison negotiator, working to calm things and get the remaining prison employees out. And then, at a few executions, it’s a shootout, and probably hundreds die. Shocking, huh?

A redeeming quality of Episode 10 is that Mike’s brother, Kyle (Taylor Handley), and friend Ian escape. The situation looked bleak for those two, and it was a great thing that Robert Sawyer (Hamish Allan-Headley) showed up in the nick of time for them.

Plot Holes From Final Episode Bothersome

The prison riot turns into a bloodbath that Mike McClusky survives. It’s wild that some prisoners and law enforcement officers make it out.

One thing that bothered me was Kyle dropping his gun while embracing his brother in the yard. Sure, the yard looks secure, but there’s a gun on the ground. Nobody picked it up, and everyone walked away. 

Plus, we see Milo Sunter (Aidan Gillen) escape. He’s probably a huge part of next season, so he had to make it out.  

Finally, Iris is in Mike’s secluded pad for the day, suffering from her physical and emotional wounds. At first, it seems like a nice gesture. I mean, Mike lost it and killed all of her tormenters.

But she seems more stuck there than anything else. She asks Mike what she’s supposed to do and ends up nursing her wounds. Frankly, it’s incredible that she didn’t hurt herself spending all that time alone.

If Mike starts a new life, now’s a perfect time. But we know he won’t. He’ll stick around being that go-to guy. And that’s enough for me to tune in again next season, I hope.

Paramount, Sheridan, and Renner are quiet about a second season, but it’s coming. Production Weekly (via The Cinemaholic and Looper) said a Season 2 is in the works, but the fans will have to do some waiting until there’s an official announcement.