‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Finale Will Feature Full Scale Prison Riot

by Chase Thomas

It feels as though Mayor of Kingstown just got released on Paramount Plus doesn’t it, Outsiders? The Taylor Sheridan program has already breezed through its first season with Jeremy Renner as its leading man. The show has been heavy and action-packed from the first episode onward. The show is a wild ride where Mitch has suddenly been thrust into a role that he very much wants no part of. He is a totally different person than his brother Mitch, and folks see that immediately. Everything changed in Kingstown when he took over things. Well, things continue to change as the finale will feature a full-scale prison riot, folks.

Kingstown is defined by its prisons, and the folks that run them from the outside and the inside. Mike is doing the best he can to keep the peace between those inside and those on the outside. It’s a tough gig that requires Mike to get away in his little cabin out in the woods often. However, as we have seen this season, the prison there is terrifying and lots have already gone down in the prison this season.

It’s a tough situation right now at Kingstown Prison. One can assume that bodies will fall in the finale as everything descends into chaos around Mike and this town.

Jeremy Renner on ‘Mayor of Kingstown’

Renner has shined on Mayor of Kingstown. However, it is a tough role to play especially when balancing this role with Hawkeye.

He told Bleeding Cool, “I guess only the sense of trying to keep peace. Maybe the ferocity in the morality, in the code of it all. One’s done in tights and a bow and arrow, and the other one’s done in an ill-fit suit. I think the intentions are always good for both characters of trying to do what’s right and trying to keep peace. I think that would be the through-line.”

Morality is a common theme in the program. It’s often a grey situation, that Taylor Sheridan loves operating in. Mike is not the best person but he really does try and do the best he can with the hand that he is dealt.

Renner concluded, “Working with Taylor, as I had in the past, it’s that first and foremost, this is based on something it’s truthful and that there’s value, it’s not just entertainment for entertainment’s sake. It’ll be entertaining and thrilling. If it’s a book, you wouldn’t put it down, you’d binge-watch this if you possibly could. I promise you that that will be the case. When I first sat down and said yes to this project, I was already sitting on set and had not read one word yet. I already knew what Taylor was going to put down. I believe in that.”

You can watch Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount Plus.