‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Teases All Out War in Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/ViacomCBS ©2021 Paramount+, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The sixth episode of Mayor of Kingstown is the latest in the series and it promises to bring an all-out war that Mike might not be able to stop.

This episode looks like it is going to be very intense. The prison is filled with a few thousand pissed-off inmates and they are looking to fight. Mike is getting deeper and deeper in trouble each episode. Now, it looks like things are boiling over and that could mean violence and likely death.

If a gang war pops off then that is going to spill over into the streets. More than one inmate seems to promise that in the preview clip that was shared on Twitter. Mayor of Kingstown is only getting more exciting.

“They created a situation when they made a deal they won’t keep,” a prisoner says.

“They broke their word, Mike!” another inmate yells.

We then see the guard who beat an inmate in the premiere episode. It looks like he is shooting some riot control rounds out into the crowd. Perhaps tear gas or something similar.

Things are looking very intense in the new episode. Miek is going to have to figure things out and quickly. There aren’t many people that he can turn to. He has been thrust into this role that he neither wanted nor cared to take. However, he must make the best of it. If he doesn’t get things smoothed out inside and outside of the prison then the town could fall apart.

All in a day’s work for the Mayor of Kingstown.

The Mayor Orders a Hit

Mike is so connected it isn’t funny. The unofficial mayor has made friendships with folks most wouldn’t dare speak to. However, those connections come in handy in the company town. When incarceration is the main game in town, things can get ugly and fast.

There were multiple gangs and others involved in the beating of a meth addict. That same man was responsible for the death of the mayor’s ex-wife as well as his young son. So, he needed to go. He was just a loose end causing issues that didn’t need to be there.

However, not all the fans of Mayor of Kingstown are sitting right with the killing. However, things tend to get messy when dealing with Mike and the McLuskys.

There is still quite a lot that fans can learn from Jeremy Renner’s character. And, still, a lot to learn perhaps for the actor himself.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Continues

Mayor of Kingstown is heating up. This new episode shows that the violence is only going to escalate if that is possible. This might end with Mike having to pull the trigger of a gun. Jeremy Renner’s character is so good in the Taylor Sheridan series.

As the season continues, fans are going to be hanging onto the edge of their seats. There is no telling what is going to happen each week.