Meat Loaf Mourned by Fellow Singers and Fans Everywhere

by Amy Myers

Legendary singer and actor Meat Loaf has passed away at age 74, and now the world of music and arts is reeling from the loss of such a talented man. Meat Loaf, whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday, made friends wherever he performed. So, to honor the musician’s memory, friends and celebrities that were lucky enough to work with the 70s icon posted their condolences on social media.

Meat Loaf’s network seemed to have no limits, reaching fellow musicians and actors as well as political and public figures alike.

English singer and record producer Boy George was among the many who mourned the death of Meat Loaf. On Twitter, he wrote, “RIP Meatloaf. Love and prayers to all his family and close friends. He once turned me upside down in a Chinese Restaurant in St Johns Wood.”

Likewise, Fox News co-anchor John Roberts shared the sentiment: “Farewell to an icon of the 70’s. Ain’t no doubt about it, ‘We were doubly blessed’ by his talents.”

Mitt Romney, Republican Senator of Utah, penned, “Heartache—but with warm memories—with news of Meat Loaf’s passing. A man of gentle kindness, generous spirit and exceptional talent. The unique quality of his music will stand the test of time. Like many who knew him, I will miss his friendship.”

Other celebrities have had a tough time dealing with the loss of so many talented people from the public sphere. Recently, Bob Saget, Betty White, and Sidney Poitier are among the icons that have died since New Year’s Eve. Meat Loaf’s death further adds to the tragedy.

Global superstar Cher expressed her shock at the number of icons that have passed in such a short time, writing, “Am I imagining it or are amazing people in the arts dying every day?”

Celebrities Remember Meat Loaf as a ‘Softie’

Despite Meat Loaf’s tough persona on stage, the rockstar was a kindhearted man that wasn’t afraid to show his softer side. In fact, this was what many of his friends and colleagues loved about him most.

American singer-songwriter Adam Lambert remembered Meat Loaf as “A gentle-hearted powerhouse rockstar forever and ever. You were so kind. Your music will always be iconic. I’m sure you’re singing concerts in the great beyond. Rest In Peace sir.”

Likewise, actress and activist Marlee Matlin shared, “He was passionate. A softie. Kind. And talented as hell. And he was my friend. My heart is broken into a million pieces. RIP my friend, Meat Loaf.”

Piers Morgan summed up Meat Loaf’s legacy perfectly in his tribute: “One of rock music’s all-time great characters whose seminal iconic album Bat Out Of Hell is one of the biggest-selling records in history. A wondrously talented, flamboyant, funny, outrageous and rebellious chameleon.”