Meat Loaf Once Spoke on the Difficulty of Every Project Getting Compared to ‘Bat Out of Hell’

by Jonathan Howard

In the wake of Meat Loaf’s passing, there have been a lot of old quotes and memories shared. Variety just released an old interview.

As one of rock n roll’s greatest, Meat Loaf had the same problems that every other legend had. Impressing fans with new music. There are always going to be those that want you to play the classics and sound the same on each album. However, artists are going to develop and change over time.

In 2016 when talking with Variety, the singer talked about those expectations. He also talked about having everything compared to Bat Out of Hell. That was his curse for having one of the most iconic and important albums in the genre’s history.

“There are fans out there that are not gonna like it [a new album],” Meat Loaf said. “Because it’s not like Bat Out of Hell. It’s like Springsteen trying to recreate Born to Run – it’s not gonna happen. You’re not gonna ever be able to do Bat Out of Hell again. There will never be another Paradise. You might get another pop song like Took the Words which we have, but it’s not like Took the Words. But there are people that say they’re fans that only own Bat Out of Hell and it drives me crazy. Because they come to shows, and expect me to sound like I did when I was 26. And besides that, Bat Out of Hell had to be sped up to get on vinyl. So, I’ve never sounded like that,” he said laughing.

When you release one of the best-selling albums of all time, it is hard to recreate any level of success. No matter what some fans might say, Meat Loaf continued to put out new music and develop his sound.

Meat Loaf’s Wife Remembers Late Rocker

Deborah Aday, Meat Loaf’s wife, has released a statement about her husband’s death. He passed away at 74 years old leaving behind his wife and two daughters, Pearl and Amanda. The music world was mournful in the wake of the news and of course, his family misses him deeply.

“The grief I feel over the loss of my husband is gut-wrenching,” Deborah said. “I was lying close to Michael when he took his last breath and my sadness is beyond words. I’ve always called him by his given name because I didn’t see him as ‘Meat,’ I feel much gratitude for the outpouring of love I have received from around the world.”

“For me, it was always about him,” the statement continued later. “From the day we met, he was my world and I loved him. There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t tell the other how much we loved them. Not a day that we didn’t hug each other.”

Deborah and Meat Loaf, or Michael as she called him, got married in 2007. The two had been married for almost 15 years before the singer’s untimely passing.