Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches Insane Number

by Shelby Scott

If you’re looking to get rich fast, now’s your chance. The Mega Millions jackpot has recently skyrocketed to a massive number, and as of Tuesday, no one has claimed the grand prize. As such, many Americans have a second opportunity to win.

According to the New York Post, the Mega Millions jackpot is currently sitting at a massive $630 million. Tuesday’s winning number was 25. The outlet reports the Mega Millions winning jackpot numbers overall were 2, 31, 32, 37, and 70.

That said, there were a handful of second-place winners, four in total, who brought home a substantial $1 million. Still, even given the opportunity to score just $3 million with the Mega Millions megaplier, none of the four participants got lucky.

Tuesday’s second-place winning tickets came out of four separate states: Arizona, California, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.

It’s been several months since the Mega Millions jackpot saw a winner, with the last lucky ticket selling in April and awarding one Pegram, Tennessee resident $20 million.

So, if you’re hoping for a chance to score millions, be sure to claim your own Mega Million ticket soon because the next drawing is coming up fast, taking place Friday, July 22nd at 11 p.m. EST.

Mega Millions Payouts Saw Delay In May Thanks to Massive Screw-Up

Hopefully, if Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot sees a winner, the claimant can actually receive their prize money. Several months ago, among a sizable drawing totaling 86 million, Mega Millions payouts became paused when the jackpot game’s host John Crow called out the wrong winning number.

At the time of the drawing, Crow had confused the winning ticket’s final number, 9, for a 6. Altogether, the Mega Millions winner’s ticket should have read 15-19-20-61-70-09. Instead, Crow accidentally swapped out the final digit for a 6.

Overall, it caused major confusion and in response, Mega Millions issued a disclaimer ahead of the drawing’s YouTube video. You can view that here. Mega Millions said following the incident, “On May 10, 2022, the host of the Mega Millions drawing incorrectly called the Mega Ball as a 6 instead of a 9. The 9 ball was drawn into the chamber and is the official result. The results of the drawing were audited by Preston CPA.”

Unsurprisingly, the mix-up caused great confusion for the Mega Millions lottery game, however, fortunately for the host, no one actually won the jackpot prize in the first place. Just like on Tuesday’s drawing, though, several small prize winners did get lucky at the time. However, their dispersal was likely placed on pause. If so, we’re interested to know whether that handful of lucky winners received their prizes at the time of writing.

In the meantime, we’re more interested to see whether the current jackpot actually goes home with someone on Friday.