Meghan McCain Shares Adorable Moment from ‘Glam’ Treatment with Baby Daughter Liberty

by Amy Myers

With baby Liberty on her hip, Meghan McCain has learned to multitask with just about every item on her to-do list. The most recent example of this super-mom power is getting glammed up. The former The View host shared a couple of snapshots of her daily duties. Little Liberty Bell sat on her lap munching on a snack from her bib. Meanwhile, her mom sat nice and still as renowned hair and makeup artist Carmen Currie added the finishing touches. Although the TV personality isn’t on a talk show anymore, she still needs to look her best for all her other professional endeavors.

After Currie’s work was complete, Meghan McCain posted the photos as well as a message of appreciation for the stylist.

“Thank you @ccprostyles for the wonderful glam as usual and for working around my Liberty Bell who didn’t want to miss out on the action!” McCain shared.

This isn’t the only group activity that Liberty has been a part of recently. On Halloween, the former talk show host boasted her family’s adorable costumes. The trio decided to base their looks off of Yellowstone, McCain dressed as Beth and Ben Domenech as Rip. As for little Liberty, she played the part of a fawn.

“Rip and Beth forever. And a Dutton ranch baby fawn! (We had to!) Happy Halloween!”

Liberty’s costume may not have been one of the main characters of the actual show, but the baby girl definitely stole the spotlight of the photos. Meanwhile, fans couldn’t get over how much Domenech resembled the actual actor that played Rip Wheeler.

“Because Ben IS Rip,” one follower commented on the sweet snapshot.

Meghan McCain Shares More Adventures With 1-Year-Old Daughter

Now that Meghan McCain has a bit more time to spend at home, she’s taken advantage of this by going on even more adventures with Liberty Bell. Recently, the mother-daughter duo visited Miller Farms. The two spent the day picking pumpkins and playing in the corn stalks. As always, Liberty wore an adorably fashionable outfit. The toddler sported a plaid shirt and a bow in her hair as she posed for photos.

Meghan McCain couldn’t help but share their fun day together. Along with a snapshot next to a few huge pumpkins, the mom captured a moment when Liberty was admiring a straw sculpture in the store. A smiling scarecrow happily sat on the back of a horse overtop of a collection of warty pumpkins.

Her mother captioned the photos, “Fall farm morning!”