Meghan McCain and Daughter Liberty Enjoy the Snow Day in Adorable Photo

by Amy Myers

Meghan McCain (37) and her infant daughter, Liberty, are taking advantage of the nationwide snow day by standing under the flakes and admiring the blanketed landscape. Earlier today, the proud mama posted a photo from their family adventures outdoors. Little 15-month-old Liberty wore an adorable pink, puffy coat and a fuzzy hat with wolf ears. Meanwhile, McCain dressed in a classic Carhartt beanie and a Canada Goose winter coat.

She completed the post with the pun, “Ice, ice, baby.”

From how chilly the photo looked, however, let’s hope mama had a piping cup of coffee waiting for her inside and Liberty a cozy blankie. Along with the photo on her profile, Meghan McCain also shared more snapshots of her snow day on her Instagram story. One clip showed just how much powder piled up on her balcony, while another was of a snow-covered windowsill.

Earlier last week, Meghan McCain and her hubby spent New Year’s Eve at home with good food and even better friends. The two snapped a photo together in their kitchen in the midst of making what looks to be garlic bread and caviar. Of course, the dinner party wouldn’t be complete without a couple of glasses of white wine for the home chefs. But McCain snuggled close to her husband, both dressed in comfy clothes with no intention of going out.

“Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine! We’re all rooting for you, 2022…. (Thank you to my husband for cooking a bougie dinner for our friends because I didn’t want to put on heels or leave Liberty),” Meghan McCain captioned the cute photo.

Meghan McCain Opens Up About Motherhood

It’s not surprising, however, that Meghan McCain found it difficult to celebrate the holiday without her sweet daughter by her side. Lately, it seems the new mom and her babe are attached at the hip. And both are enjoying each other’s frequent company.

Back in February of last year, shortly after Liberty was born, McCain even expressed how quickly she has taken to her new role.

“[I] can’t believe how much I like motherhood, honestly,” the former The View host told PEOPLE.

“I was really back and forth about whether or not I was even going to do it. And I can’t believe how obsessed with it I am,” McCain continued. “I feel like the universe is laughing at me, because I was so scared of having kids and so reluctant and so on the fence about it. Even when I was pregnant I was like, ‘I don’t know, we’ll see how this goes.’ “