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Michael Landon Gave Out Millions in Bonuses on Show That Came in Under Budget

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Actor Michael Landon knew that there was value in taking care of his show’s crews with bonuses. He did this even as a show was under budget.

Outsiders, let’s get a look at this generous act in two sources.

First, a 1989 article from Deseret News cited that Landon gave out $900,000 in bonuses to his crew in 1988. He did that every year Highway to Heaven was in production.

Second, a 1985 article from People states Landon handed out almost $200,000 in bonuses at season’s end when the show came in under budget. This was, again, for Highway to Heaven and the crew there called Landon “unspoiled.”

Michael Landon made his mark at first on Bonanza playing “Little Joe” Cartwright. That long-running series was followed by Little House on the Prairie and the actor took pride in overseeing all aspects of the drama.

Highway to Heaven marked his last show to be given space on network television. Landon did have plans for another series on CBS, but he didn’t live long enough to do it. The multi-talented actor-director-writer-producer died on July 1, 1991, at 54 years old. He put up a gallant fight with pancreatic cancer but could not recover from it.

Michael Landon Reportedly Was Jealous of Box Office Star Burt Reynolds

Would you believe that Michael Landon, big-time TV star, was jealous of box-office star Burt Reynolds? Well, that is the scoop from Karen Grassle.

Grassle, who played Caroline Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie, called it out in an article for The New York Post.

“In the ’70s, Burt topped the list as the most desirable man in Hollywood,” Grassle said. “Mike was resentful and wanted to take his place.”

Apparently, Landon wanted some notice. After all, he was actor-producer-showrunner-star on Little House on the Prairie as Charles Ingalls.

He even hit the weights to attempt and out-flex Reynolds, one of the hottest movie stars in the 1970s.

So after working out, Landon flexed them when he was in a shirtless scene.

‘Little House’ Actress Melissa Gilbert Says Landon Visited Her in Her Dreams

Alright, Little House on the Prairie fans. Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the show, said that Landon came to visit her in her dreams.

In a recent Instagram post, Gilbert writes about it. “Some folks say that when we dream of a loved one who has passed, it’s their way of visiting us.” she wrote on Instagram.

With a picture of Gilbert and Landon together on the Little House on the Prairie set, she writes, “Dreamt last night that I was back on the set working with this phenomenal man. I’d say that I miss him but I was just with him in my dreams.”