Michael Strahan Can’t Believe Keanu Reeves’ Latest Insane Stunt Actually Happened

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

After some wind delays, Michael Strahan and the rest of his Blue Origin space crew were finally able to complete their trip to space and back last week. Even though it was only an 11-minute flight, it gave the former football star/TV host a whole new meaning to the word “touchdown” and it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. A feat that might just bring out a fear of heights in anyone.

Perhaps that’s why Strahan has a hard time coming to terms with Keanu Reeves’ latest insane stunt. The two sat down for a casual chat about the highly-anticipated fourth installment of the “Matrix” franchise when this came up. Titled “The Matrix: Resurrections,” the flick is set to drop on December 22nd, and here’s what we know.

Michael Strahan Asks Keanu for a Play-by-Play in Pure Disbelief

Keanu Reeves is one of those celebrities that just embodies “cool.” And every passing interview only goes to further that sentiment. Just check out this clip of Michael Strahan asking him for a play-by-play of his latest stunt.

“I was in utter shock to hear the leap in the movie was real,” Strahan’s caption starts. “I will go to space but I’m not jumping off a building!”

You can listen here:

“Well, it was about 44 stories and then you had to walk up a little bit,” Keanu Reeves says in reference to the epic jump his character takes in “Resurrections.” Michael Strahan just sits there in awe and tries to clarify, to which Reeves replies “There was no CGI in that. The jump was real.”

For Michael Strahan and the rest of us, that sounds like something from our worst nightmares. But for a man who can kill three people with a pencil (John Wick), I guess that’s just what you call a typical day.

Now, Michael Strahan might not have scaled a building or fought off a group of hitmen, but you know what he did do? Take part in a Texan “urban cowboy” tradition. That’s right, the guy put his rodeo skills to the test and decided to take on a mechanical bull.

In the “Good Morning America” video, a professional bull rider (Keyshawn Whitehorse) tries to give Strahan some tips about the proper form. The ex-footballer then takes his place atop the mechanical beast set up right in the heart of Times Square.

His first attempt is laughable, not even breaking 20 seconds. Some cheers from the crowd convince him to hop back on and give it another try, though. Check out the video to see if he fares any better the second time around.

Right here: