Mick Jagger’s Son Lucas Turns Heads at Paris Fashion Week

by Jonathan Howard

There are some things that just seem to run in the family. Mick Jagger made sure to give his son Lucas some of his fashion sense.

Jagger has always been a flamboyant dresser. From tight denim and leather to jackets emblazoned and bedazzled with gemstones and more. He has never shied away from making a statement with his outfits, that’s for sure. However, he has been fashionable, that’s for sure.

For Lucas, fashion and style come easily not only because of his father but because of his mom as well. His mom, Luciana Gimenez is a former model and current television host. While the 22-year-old pulled through Paris Fashion Week he was spotted at the Dior and Louis Vuitton shows.

At both presentations, Mick Jagger’s son rocked two different outfits. Neither one was obscene or gaudy. They were lowkey and relatively timeless. His parental influences are clear and his fashion consistent. He knows what kind of look he is going for.

At the Dior show, Lucas wore a black bomber jacket along with black pants. A lilac shirt lay under the jacket and his nails were painted red. His shoes were platforms of some kind, black with a white stripe of trim. Meanwhile, he switched things up at the next show.

When he arrived at the Louis Vuitton show, he had on a suit with an LV shirt under it. The suit was pinstriped. On both days he rocked his long curls down to his shoulders along with some large framed glasses.

Being that it was Paris Fashion Week there were all kinds of celebs in attendance. The son of Mick Jagger was just one of many that were spotted. And, he fits in pretty well with both of his outfits.

Mick Jagger Undercover?

While Lucas enjoys fashion week, his dad has been explaining why and how he was able to go unnoticed traversing North Carolina bars. Well, it was only one bar, but still. Jagger went out and had quite a night. But, it wasn’t because of the partying, it was because of the lack of attention. Even rocking a signature bomber jacket like his son in Paris, folks just don’t recognize the Rolling Stones leadman anymore.

“There’s hardly anyone there. It’s dark,” Jagger explained. “It’s not like really grand. I’m not in a big, huge limo. I just walk the block and then just go down there.” Who would have thought that the rock star would be such a man of the people? Walking to the bar by himself? He probably never thought of doing that about 40 years ago.

What is wild is that Mick Jagger was able to go unnoticed multiple times while out on tour. Meanwhile, his son Lucas is being photographed and identified at Paris Fashion Week. How the tides of time change things.