Mike Rowe Bares All Hilariously Promoting ‘Dirty Jobs’

by Chase Thomas

Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs is back, folks. In case you had forgotten, Rowe hilariously was here to save the day. The longtime host and media personality, took to his personal Instagram this week to promote the new season of the program while also bearing all.

What do we mean, Outsiders? Well Rowe, posted a video to that very Instagram account this week where it looked to be just a poster over him that reminded folks that the show was returning.

For the caption, Mike Rowe wrote, “Mike – My family and I have been watching Dirty Jobs for the last 8 hours. I forgot how entertaining this show is. And funny. And DANGEROUS! But you know what I’ll NEVER forget? I’ll never forget that a new episode of Dirty Jobs premieres tonight at 8pm. Good God man, these promos are relentless. My wife, however, seems to enjoy them as much as the show, and wants you to know that you’re still on her list, whatever that means. Charles Baker Hi Charles I’m glad you’re enjoying the show, and I’m glad your wife is enjoying the promos. In fact, I made this one, just for her. MikePS. I have no idea what that “list” thing is all about…”

Rowe had some fun with a note from a fan and made the video. Fans loved the content. One fan wrote, “This is everything! I got a subscription to Discovery just to watch Dirty Jobs. I know exactly what Charles’ wife is talking about.”

Another fan wrote, “Love the show – and thanks for not lifting the sign.”

Mike Rowe on The New Season

After the kind of year we all had in 2021, it’s fair to wonder what’ll be different about the program when it returns. Mike Rowe shed some light on how the show has changed.

He told The List, “I know. Crazy. Well, the show itself hasn’t changed. It’s still a transparent look at an honest day’s work through the eyes of an apprentice. That’s me. We still do almost no pre-production, very little scouting. No casting. There’s no acting. There’s no scripts. There’s no writers. We don’t do second takes. We’ve never done second takes on that show, and we don’t do it now, so the show itself is the same.”

It’s still free-flowing. It’s still the same sort of show it always.

Mike Rowe concluded, “The host is older than he’s ever been, so things hurt a little more. But you know what? So do the fans, people who have been with that show for the last 20 years. I think they get it. We’re all in a different place. That’s really the biggest thing.”

Yes, we’re all in a different place but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just different.