Mike Rowe Expresses Concern Over Job Candidates Lack of ‘Soft Skills’ When Interviewing

by Alex Falls

Mike Rowe knows a thing or two about hard work. After years of hosting TV‘s Dirty Jobs, he’s gotten his hands dirty with countless work environments only certain people are cut out for. These kinds of jobs are becoming harder to fill as time goes on. Many reasons have contributed to this phenomenon, but Rowe has his own thoughts on what is holding people back from landing those important jobs.

Rowe pinpointed the interview process as a major telling point for employers filling positions. In order to nail an interview, Rowe said job seekers need to possess “soft skills.”

As Rowe explained, soft skills are crucial abilities that “allow you not to take a phone call during a job interview, tuck your shirt in, show up on time, the basic things that many employers bemoan today that seem to be conspicuously lacking in much of the employable people looking for jobs. They are not using their words to a degree that’s making people excited about hiring them…they don’t know how to interview and what to say.”

Rowe said if he was in a hiring position looking for a candidate, the best thing he could hear from a prospective hire would be, “’Hi, it’s great to be here. Here’s the deal. I will be in early every day. I will stay late, everyday. And I will ask you, every day, what I can do to make your life simpler. If there’s a difficult task, I will volunteer to do it. And I will do so cheerfully.’ If somebody said that to me, I’d be like… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Mike Rowe Looks at the Outlook for Job Seekers

Rowe says, “It’s very difficult to look into a person’s soul and determine if they have an ethic for work, but I can tell you if their attitude is decent, if they understand the basics of delayed gratification, and if they use words like personal responsibility and accountability, that separates them immediately from the masses.”

The Dirty Jobs host believes one of the biggest issues in society today is that most conventional wisdom “collapses under its own weight.”

“We wind up making a case for one thing at the expense of another thing,” Rowe said. “Hard work is never the enemy. Hard work is not a bad thing. If you can work in a way that’s more efficient and more effective that’s a good thing but not at the expense of working hard.”

Rowe also encourages people looking for the right path in life to pursue personal responsibility for success and finances. He said that is the biggest line between who we are as children, and who we are as adults.

“I do believe in my bones that shortcuts lead to long delays and in the end we all want to be contributing, we all want to move the needle, we all want to be seen as essential because we want to be essential.”