Mike Rowe ‘Has Coffee’ With a Fan In New Video

by Thad Mitchell

One of the most interesting human beings on the planet, “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe likely has many stories to tell.

There may not be a better person in the world to sit down with a cup of coffee than Mike Rowe. A former opera singer, Rowe has been there and done that in the world of entertainment. He achieved global recognition for his work on “Dirty Jobs,” shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes that make the world go round. One Mike Rowe fan wanted to know exactly what it is like to have a cup of Joe with the entertainer. Rowe was more than willing to demonstrate just how that experience would go. His six-minute video response is exactly what you would expect from the witty and charming Rowe.

“Coffe with Mike,” he says to start off his most recent social media post. “What’s it like to have coffee with Mike Rowe? I would like to find out. What is your average morning like?”

Rowe responded to Carol Christie’s questions with the entertaining video clip.

“Hi Carol,” he responds. Interesting question. “The answer is attached.”

In the video clip, Mike Rowe lets fans in on his morning routine, which is always in flux according to the day’s tasks.

“That’s a pretty good question,” he says to start out the video. “The short answer is that some mornings are more interesting than other mornings. This morning is pretty interesting. I started by posting about Noble Tennessee Whiskey being sold to benefit the Microworks Foundation. I just went back to the (web) site and saw that we’ve sold a couple of thousand bottles already.”

Mike Rowe Speaks to Fans in Latest Social Media Post

While he chats with his audience of social media followers, Mike Rowe is signing a few pictures for Whiskey purchasers. He then addresses the brand new Christmas song taking the country by storm “Santa’s Got a Dirty Job.”

Yes, Mike Rowe’s own Christmas tune is the hottest holiday song in America at the moment. The song is a collaboration between Rowe and country music star, John Rich, of “Big and Rich.”

Fair warning — it’s a catchy tune and if you listen to it you will probably spend the rest of the day humming it under your breathe.

Back to the Instagram post, Mike Rowe plays an interview with his duet partner, John Rich, who describes how the song came to be. Rowe continues signing photos while providing hilarious insight on the making of “Santa’s Got a Dirty Job.”

Less than 24 hours after creating the song, it became the most downloaded song in the world.

So, that is what it’s like to have coffee with Mike Rowe. How is your morning going?