Mike Rowe Hilariously Celebrates His New Song Synched Up to Christmas Decorations

by Amy Myers

Mike Rowe decided to add to his holiday spirit by syncing his outdoor Christmas decorations to his new hit song, “Santa’s Got a Dirty Job.”

The Dirty Jobs host posted a preview in a video on Instagram, and the results were not disappointing. Front and center on his lawn were two digital red and green Christmas lights that lip-synced the tune. Meanwhile, mini Christmas trees, bush and house lights, a nutcracker and animated faces flashed to the beat of the music.

But Mike Rowe couldn’t take all the credit for the elaborate set-up. He credited his friend, “Santa Steve,” for syncing all of the decorations to the music.

“I’m not sure how I feel about synchronized Christmas decorations. As I rule, synchronicity makes me anxious. But in this case, with this song, I can’t pretend to not be deeply impressed by the wizardry of Santa Steve. Thank you, sir!” Mike Rowe captioned the video. “If you haven’t already, downloaded the song. All 129 pennies benefit @mikeroweworks and #FoldsofHonor.”

Previously, Rowe announced that his song had topped Adele’s new song, “Easy On Me” and was the No. 1 hit across all genres. And though the Dirty Jobs host already knew he and John Rich had created a killer song, he didn’t expect the tune to climb the charts quite that high.

Mike Rowe’s Christmas Tune Isn’t the Only Way He’s Celebrating the Holidays

Besides his Christmas jingle, Mike Rowe has also spent much of his time recently creating a whiskey brand in memory of his grandfather, Carl Knobel, who inspired Rowe’s interest in trade jobs as well as his charity foundation.

Rowe released the spirit around the same time that his song hit iTunes, and the responses for the whiskey were just as positive as they were for his song.

In fact, his “Knobel” whiskey became so popular, that fans practically “broke” the website trying to order their bottles. He shared the happy yet concerning news on Instagram once the website was back up and running.

“Yesterday, you wonderful people broke my website with your unbridled enthusiasm for Knobel Tennessee Whiskey, which I’m pleased to say has finally found its way into a few thousand bottles,” Mike Rowe wrote. “Today, the website is fixed, (or so I’m told,) so I’m hoping those of you who were denied the ability to purchase a bottle yesterday, (or two) will stop by again, to help me celebrate the return of Dirty Jobs with the whiskey named for the man who inspired it – my grandfather, Carl Knobel.”

Rowe continues to try to produce more bottles, but he’s unsure if they’ll last through the holiday season, given the insane amount of demand.