Mike Rowe Hilariously Took to the Streets of LA to Promote the Return of ‘Dirty Jobs’

by Quentin Blount

Dirty Jobs is back, Outsiders! You know what that means — more Mike Rowe in our lives. He was in the streets of LA to promote the return of his show.

Mike Rowe has been the face of the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs, for a long time now. The series originally ran from 2005 until 2012. And after nearly 10 years without any new episodes, we can officially rejoice that Dirty Jobs and Mike Rowe are back in our lives.

So, how are they getting the word out about the return of one of our favorite shows? Rowe took to Instagram on Sunday evening to post a hilarious video of him walking around Los Angeles handing out fliers.

“Discovery said, ‘Hey, we really want to get the word out about the new season of Dirty Jobs. I said, ‘Great,'” Rowe explains in the video. “So, they got me this, sort of a desk, they made me some super cool sandwich boards, and one of those signs that you spin, saying that Dirty Jobs is back.”

Rowe definitely made a strong impression while he was there. One fan even wrote to him afterward. The Dirty Jobs star shared the story on IG as well.

“Hey Mike — A couple months ago in LA, I saw you downtown wearing a sandwich board, advertising the return of Dirty Jobs. I crossed the street to say hello and realized you were filming a commercial. I wasn’t sure what to do, but you smiled, handed me a flier, and told me that Dirty Jobs was back.”

“Anyway, I love the new episodes, and I’m wondering if I made it into the commercial? I’ve seen a few versions on Discovery but didn’t see myself, so I’m guessing probably not. I’m also wondering if you’d autograph the flier you gave me if I mail it to your office? Julie Nichols. PS. I was the very tall woman (6’4″) with long blond hair.”

Mike Rowe Responds to Fan on Instagram

Turns out Mike Rowe does remember this particular fan. But unfortunately for her, she didn’t make the commercial.

“Hi Julie,” Rowe replied. “I remember you. I thought you were on stilts! You made the cut…sort of. I think you are the person at the very end of this version who takes a flier from me. Unfortunately, you ran off before production could get you to sign a release, so we had to cut you out. Seems the least I can do is sign your flier. See you tomorrow. (8pm, on Discovery.)”

If you want to check out the entire post and the video alongside it for yourself, you’ll have to head over to Mike Rowe’s official Instagram page and give him a follow. Meanwhile, it’s clear that Dirty Jobs fans are glad the show is back.

“Dude, thank you so much for all you do supporting and encouraging folks to work in the trades with pride!!!”

“The hero we need, but don’t deserve,” another fan responded.

“It’s great having you back in our living room every week!” a third user wrote.