Mike Rowe Is Wowed That His Song Is Playing at a Karaoke Christmas Party

by Clayton Edwards

Back in November, Mike Rowe teamed up with John Rich to cut a brand new Christmas song. As you would expect, it blends Rich’s country influence with Rowe’s appreciation for hard work. “Santa’s Got a Dirty Job” is a fun track that celebrates just how hard Father Christmas works every year. In a blog post about the song, Rowe wrote, “We thought a song like this might help put a smile on our collective face.”

Mike Rowe was absolutely right about that. It’s a fun song that will put a smile on your face and make your toes tap. What more could you ask for this time of year? How about a karaoke version of the “Santa’s Got a Dirty Job”? According to a recent Instagram post from Rowe, it exists. Check out the video on his profile to see Mike belting the song with his full chest at a recent Christmas party. It looks like everyone involved is having a blast. Additionally, Rowe’s voice is killer even in a cellphone recording.

Mike Rowe Shares a Christmas Party Story

In the post’s caption, Mike Rowe explains what’s going on in the video. “Let’s say you find yourself at a holiday party and the jazz trio takes a break.” This already sounds like a great party. But, it gets better. “Then, let’s say the hostess discovers a karaoke version of ‘Santa’s Got a Dirty Job’ on the internet and asks if anyone knows the song. I mean, really, how do you say no?”

That’s why Mike Rowe is on a small stage with a handful of musicians belting his new Christmas hit. The real takeaway here is that Mike knows how to party. It looks like he plays as hard as he works.

A Virtual Karaoke Party?

Mike Rowe invited his followers to get in on a virtual Christmas karaoke party. Kind of. In the post, he said, “Feel free to post your version and be sure to tag me so I see it.” So, it’s kind of like a karaoke party. At the very least, you can showcase those killer pipes that you get after a few stiff drinks with Mike.

More importantly, Mike Rowe wants all of his followers to go download the song. “Santa’s Got a Dirty  Job” will cost you $1.29. However, Rich & Rowe won’t see any of the money. Instead, “every penny” of the money they make from sales of the Christmas song will go straight to charity, according to the post.

Proceeds from “Santa’s Got a Dirty Job” go to Folds of Honor and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. So, everyone who pays to download the song is helping to fund academic scholarships for the families of fallen soldiers. Additionally, that money will help fund trade school scholarships for future skilled laborers.