Mike Rowe Offers Condolences to the Family of Late ‘Dirty Jobber’ Featured in Recent Episode

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

“Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe offered his condolences to a ‘Dirty Jobber’ family featured in a recent episode on Monday.

The 59-year-old Rowe offered a tribute to North Carolina resident George Brooks Jr., his family, and Southern Corrosion co-workers.

The “Dirty Jobs” host said Brooks served as his ‘boss’ for the episode and the big reason the show happened.

‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Tells Tale Of Spending Time With Brooks

Mike Rowe revealed that Brooks died in September with his show coming out recently.

Rowe worked for Brooks at Southern Corrosion, a water tank cleaning service. Brooks acted as Rowe’s “boss,” and the show host said the experiences “was another eye-opener in the wide world of dirt, made all the more memorable by another unforgettable foreman.” 

The TV host admitted, even though he’s said goodbye to more than a few people he worked with on the show, this episode left him with “a unique mix of gratitude and sadness.”

Rowe said he was “grateful for the chance to meet and work with a man like George and sad that he didn’t get to see the finished product.”

But he added that he thought Brooks would have liked the final product.

Rowe Remembers Man’s Great Qualities

The TV host told his Instagram fans that though he only spent one day with Brooks, he got a lot out of the experience.

Mike Rowe said, “the George I met was the kind of guy you feel you’ve known for ages.”

Brooks had “funny, unassuming, and matter-of-fact” qualities that Rowe remembered. The man also “possessed the kind of charm that sneaks up on you. He also had “genuine concern for his men.”

Early in the post, Rowe told readers that he climbed the 240-foot Magee, Miss. water tower to power-washing the inside. The host recalled both men halfway up the structure when he asked Brooks how many times he climbed a day and said he was getting too old to do it.

Brooks responded with a chuckle, saying, “every day.” Rowe remembered the tone of the response, saying that definitive answer spoke volumes.

The host enlightened his post readers, saying, “imagine working that same job Brooks had for 34 years, knowing that you had the job because it’s “damn near impossible to find people willing or able to replace you.” 

And that’s how Rowe met Brooks for that ‘dirty job.’

Mike Rowe concluded the post, saying that he was “glad” to meet and introduce the man to America. He added that he’d “think of him, next time the tap water runs from the faucet, clear, cold, and clean enough to drink.”

Brooks A Family Man, Philly Sports Lover

Distractify provided a little more detail about Mike Rowe’s former “boss.” Brooks was a diehard Philadelphia fan for the Eagles and Phillies but loved the Carolina Hurricanes, too. His obituary said the man had a “soft spot in his heart for animals.”

According to the Tribute Archive, Brooks died on Sept. 18, 2021, at 58 years old. Days later, the man’s family held a memorial service in Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 

Brooks is survived by two children, Gillian, and Evan Brooks, as well as partner Liz “Beau” Guglielmo.