Mike Rowe Previews His New Jobs on ‘Dirty Jobs’ Revival

by Michael Freeman

With Dirty Jobs coming back in just a few short days, there’s a lot to be excited about. To help hold you over until then, Mike Rowe recently previewed some of his new jobs and they sound like ones you don’t want to miss.

Over the years, Mike Rowe has had a plethora of jobs, both on Dirty Jobs and in general. You might think it would be hard to keep the show’s premise fresh, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. TV Insider talked with Rowe about the upcoming season and gave us a preview of six of the jobs we’ll see. Among these, we can expect to observe Rowe as a water tower cleaner, an epoxy installer, an iguana wrangler, a monument carver, an escalator maintainer, and even a combat medic. For the last job, he even got to practice with a scalpel on a rubber “cut suit.” The suit accurately imitates our organs, skin, and circulatory system.

“It’s not just about exploding toilets and misadventures in animal husbandry,” Rowe said about the new season. “I’m older and wiser. There’s more biography, more trying to get to the root of why these people do what they do.” Rowe isn’t kidding, as it appears the premiere will see him returning to construction. This time, he’ll get to know the family behind a rebar-laying business.

Rowe then joked about the sweltering heat taking its toll on his body. “It was a reminder of the second law of thermodynamics: I’m living in a disintegrating body,” he quipped. “I don’t have to succeed, but I have to try.”

Dirty Jobs premieres this Sunday, January 2, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Mike Rowe Talked About why ‘Dirty Jobs’ Still Resonates with Viewers

After a long absence, Dirty Jobs is coming back stronger than ever. Despite being off the air for some time, the show still seemed to resonate with viewers and Mike Rowe recently explained why.

Appearing on Uncut with Jay Cutler earlier this month, the two talked about several things Rowe has done career-wise, and naturally, Dirty Jobs. Considering the show’s longevity and the fact it’s coming back, Cutler asked why even today it’s as popular as it is. Rowe responded simply and sincerely, saying it’s honest and transparent.

“I think there’s a modesty to it that a lot of other reality shows don’t have,” Rowe explained. “Dirty Jobs is a very pure, transparent show. We didn’t do any preproduction, we didn’t do any casting, we certainly didn’t do any writing. We came in hot, rolled cameras and got what we got.” He goes on to explain there are no second takes on the show, so what you see is exactly what happened when it happened.