Mike Rowe Reveals Favorite Moments from New Show ‘How America Works’

by Keeli Parkey

For most of his professional career, television personality Mike Rowe has made showcasing the hard-working American his mission. He did so with his popular show, “Dirty Jobs.”

And he is continuing to do so with his newest series, “How America Works.”

In “How America Works,” Rowe shines the spotlight on the men and women who spend their working lives making sure that the infrastructure of the United States keeps operating. It’s an interesting show. And it’s a show that the 59-year-old star enjoys making.

During a September 2021 interview with Parade, Mike Rowe opened up about his favorite moments from “How America Works.” Unsurprisingly, the moments that stand out to him are those that make the hard work and dedication of these workers very clear.

“My favorite moments are the moments when you have no choice as a viewer but to understand the difficulty and sacrifice that these people are making in a way that benefits you,” Rowe said during the interview.

The television star also said the goal of his new show is to “document” how people work. “Our cameras go into these places simply to document the truth of the day….It’s a look at the most important industries in our country through the eyes of a few of the people who live and breathe these jobs every day. …” Rowe explained.

Mike Rowe Said His Newest Show Reminds Viewers ‘That There are Two Sides to Every Coin’

Mike Rowe also reflected on the role the lumber industry plays in the lives of so many American citizens. He also argued that it is an industry that can keep going for years to come. It’s an industry he showcased in “How America Works.”

“When you see a large tree come down, it’s easy to feel sorry for the tree. Well, guess what? The lumber industry is incredibly sustainable,” Mike Rowe explained. “More trees are planted than are taken down every year. It’s nice to tell the story that says, wait for a second, the home you’re sitting in right now was probably built with lumber from this part of the country.”

Rowe also said that his new series has shown how electricity makes its way to American homes.

“The electricity we’re enjoying right now on this internet connection is probably being provided by a turbine very similar to the one we see maintained in the Hoover Dam,” the television star said.

Another reason Mike Rowe loves “How America Works” is that it spotlights the work – and the workers – that keep the United States of America going.

“Also, my favorite moments are ones that remind people that there are two sides to every coin. While many of these industries are sometimes looked down upon or dismissed as dirty, they are the absolute definition of essential,” Rowe also said.

According to IMDb, there have been six episodes of “How America Works” as of early November 2021. The first episodes focused on the lumber industry. The next two focused on oil and waste. The next three episodes focused on electricity, fish, and entertainment.