Mike Rowe Reveals His Top Three Values When Choosing Projects

by Kati Michelle

Mike Rowe has risen as an Outsider favorite for his continued dedication to the working class, future generations, and veterans. Known for his comedic hosting, Rowe has even cultivated his own “Dirty Jobs” lingo over the years. “Bloody Do-Gooders,” for example, is just one of the silly phrases he uses to describe outstanding members of the community.

While his fanbase continues to grow, unfortunately, the opposite can be said, too. Most recently, a writer for The New Republic named Jake Maynard gave Mike Rowe a scathing review online. Rowe took to Facebook to address the critique section by section in a long-form post. In defense of his “Dirty Jobs” work and in terms of values, Mike Rowe says these are the three that he wants people to get out of watching his shows.

Mike Rowe Stands Up for Work Ethic, Delayed Gratification, and Personal Responsibility

At the very start of his piece, the critic attacked Mike Rowe saying “The ‘Dirty Jobs’ host is back with ‘How America Works,’ reprising his favorite themes of grime, danger, and masculinity.”

Mike Rowe humbly accepted that these are some of the themes within the shows, but doesn’t think it’s fair to brush off all the other values that come along with it. So, in response, he posed the three values he actually considers most important and we think they’re something our Outsiders can get behind.

“As for my ‘favorite themes,’ I have no objection to ‘grime, danger, and masculinity,'” he says, “but I prefer ‘work ethic, delayed gratification, and personal responsibility.'”

Rowe then goes on to explain why he continues to stand by them.

“I encourage these themes through my scholarship program, not because I believe them to be uniquely conservative, but because I believe they’ve helped me succeed in life. I believe they can help others, too, regardless of their political affiliation.”

Who Taught Him These Values?

If you’re a regular Outsider reader, you’ve probably already read all about the influence that Mike Rowe’s grandfather had on him. “He could take your watch apart, put it together blindfolded,” Rowe said in the past. “Could build a house without a blueprint. He was that guy… He built the church I grew up in, my Pop did.”

Well, Rowe also credits his mother, Peggy, with passing on a good moral compass. Back in 2018, they sat down with Guideposts together to discuss the projects they were working on at the time. Mike Rowe took on Discovery Channel’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” while Peggy penned a novel titled “About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother.” (Maybe that’s where he gets the writing habit from…)

You can catch the duo cracking jokes here: