Mike Rowe Reveals Why He Hates Watching ‘Dirty Jobs’ Reruns

by Quentin Blount

Dirty Jobs is officially back with new episodes, folks! Thankfully so, because Mike Rowe is sick of watching himself in reruns.

Mike Rowe is the man behind the Discovery Channel series, Dirty Jobs. Rowe follows in the footsteps of workers around the country who work some of our most under-appreciated jobs. He also starred in the CNN series called Somebody’s Gotta Do It, which has a similar premise.

It has been some time since we’ve gotten brand new episodes of Dirty Jobs, but we know the show is coming back for more. We couldn’t be more excited as fans of the show. And it turns out that Rowe himself couldn’t be any more excited either. He explained in a recent Instagram post that he was getting sick of seeing himself in reruns.

“This one just sort of happened at the end of a long day,” Rowe began. “I was, to be honest, fairly sick of myself at this point. Sick of my face, sick of my voice, sick of looking into the lens and talking about Dirty Jobs. According to the director, that’s when ‘the magic happens…'”

Mike Rowe Talks ‘Dirty Jobs’ Marathon

A new episode of Dirty Jobs finally graced our television screens on Sunday night. But prior to that, the Discovery Channel held a 12-hour marathon to get fans hyped up. Mike Rowe made sure to remind everyone to tune in.

“Which reminds me — if you’re not sick of me yet, turn on the Discovery Channel right now and leave it there till 9 p.m.,” he said. “Yep — it’s 12 hours of Mike Rowe getting dirty from sea to shining sea.”

That said, Rowe admits that marathons do tend to scare him a little.

“Personally, these marathons freak me out a little. Partially because I’m confronted with entire scenes I have no recollection of shooting, and partly because it’s disconcerting to come face to face with a younger, skinnier, hairier version of myself this early in the morning. Anyway, classic reruns all day, new episode tonight at 8 p.m.”

Those concerns, however, haven’t stopped Dirty Jobs fans from supporting Mike Rowe and his work. So many of us love to see him shine a light on America’s hardest workers.

“We love you Mike Rowe,” one fan said. “So excited you revived Dirty Jobs. You have inspired a plethora of young and over-young to be proud of a skillset. Thank you, Mike Rowe, and Happy 2022!”

“You’re so funny. Sorry, I can’t get tired of you,” another fan replied. “We need to keep the great ones up front!”

“Good morning Mike! I’m very excited to have you back on TV with new episodes,” a third user commented. “I just set my DVR to record! Thank you for all you do showing the hard-working men and women in the trade industries!”