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Mike Rowe Shows Off Gnarly Burn Injury He Sustained During Episode of ‘Dirty Jobs’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is no stranger to pain, and he’ll show his gnarly burn wounds to anyone who accuses him of exaggerating the pain.

The TV host posted Rusty Baker’s open question about the authenticity of his show, and he brought the receipts.

Well, Mike Rowe took fan Baker’s wife to task while showing the world his pain in a couple of Instagram photos

It’s quite artistic, Mike. The first showed a fun-loving Rowe cutting a padeye (or attachment point) with sparks flying around him. The second shows two forearm burn holes on a bearded Rowe. I’ve got to say, they sure do look painful.

Mike Rowe chimes back, saying, “Hi Rusty, I’ll let your wife decide!”

Over 11,000 fans liked the 59-year-old Rowe’s photographic proof. Some chimed in that his burns looked painful, while others thought laughter was the best medicine and tried to joke with him.

‘Dirty Jobs’ Episode Special to Rowe

The same episode involves the late George Brooks Jr., a North Carolina resident who died recently.

One of Mike Rowe’s Instagram followers, Dry Heat Photography, said, “The best part of that episode is when you were singing in the water tower, and George did not seem impressed because he’s a stick in the mud.”

Mike Rowe offered his condolences in an Instagram post on Monday. Rowe recently worked with Brooks and his Southern Corrosion co-workers on a water tower in Mississippi.

The “Dirty Jobs” host said Brooks served as his ‘boss’ and thanked the man for the opportunity to work with him.

Mike Rowe, ‘Dirty Jobs’ Episode On Crazy Horse To Air   

In an upcoming episode, Rowe and his crew will work at The Crazy Horse National Monument in Crazy Horse/Custer, S.D.

DRGNews reported on Thursday that Rowe’s June 2021 visit comes to life this Sunday. Rowe called the work “an extraordinary undertaking.”

In a promotional video, the host said, “they let me repel down the face of Crazy Horse. Unlike Rushmore, Crazy Horse is paid for totally by donations. So we had carte blanche. We could do whatever we wanted.”

He added, “they let me work on the fingertip, which involves cutting, and it’s incredibly exhausting and labor-intensive.”

But Mike Rowe expressed his admiration for the men and women working on the project and dedicated to getting the task done. The Jan. 1 promotional video got over 390,000 views, and over 1,500 fans commented on it.

Rowe and his crew worked with the memorial’s carving team for two days. They worked on the upper arm and face of the Mountain. He listened as the crew learned the particulars and details of their work.  

The host called his opportunity and his work on the mountain “awesome.”