Mike Rowe Wishes His Mom a Happy 84th Birthday with Hilarious Clip of His Parents

by Michael Freeman

Mike Rowe is known for a plethora of things like Dirty Jobs, but he’s also someone who cares deeply for family. On that note, he recently wished his mom a happy 84th birthday with a charming clip of his parents.

Around the stroke of midnight this morning, Mike Rowe took to Instagram to celebrate his mother’s birthday. According to him, she requested he not get her any gifts, so he decided to “exploit” her instead. By exploit, he means post a hilarious video of both his mom and dad together on his podcast.

“The Reports of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated,” the caption reads. “As many of you know, my mom turned 84 today. In lieu of gifts, which she insisted I forego, I’ve decided to exploit her and my dad, (she and my dad? her and my father? my father and she? my parents?) on yet another episode of my podcast. I found them charming, as ever, and refreshingly cogent. I suspect you will too. Watch a short clip and then listen to the whole thing. Happy Birthday, Mom!”

In the adorable clip, we learn both Mike Rowe’s parents endured COVID. After recovering, they say they are moving on to the next phase of their lives. However, there’s a bit of a snag and they can’t find the right word. Meaning to say “adulthood,” Rowe’s mother accidentally says they’re moving into the “adultery” phase of their lives, much to everyone’s amusement.

“I’d say they had a full recovery, Chuck,” Rowe says while laughing. “They’re now moving into the adultery phase of their life.” As long as they’re both happy, right?

Mike Rowe Said a ‘Devastating’ Remark His Mother Made Prompted Him to Create ‘Dirty Jobs’

Celebrating his mom’s birthday is one thing, but as it turns out, Mike Rowe’s mother is responsible for far more than being there for his personal life. Apparently, a “devastating” comment she made years ago inspired Rowe to create Dirty Jobs.

Talking to FOX News earlier this year, Rowe sat down with the outlet to discuss Dirty Jobs returning. Stating the show’s origins, Rowe said an exchange with his mother inspired him to create the show. Specifically, a comment his mom made about his grandfather “devastated” him and spurred him to try something new.

Rowe began by speaking of his grandfather who dropped out of school in seventh grade but became a “master electrician” and craftsman by the young age of 30. Unfortunately, Rowe didn’t develop those talents and got into entertainment instead. He held good jobs, but nothing that really stood out. One day, his mother called him and discussed his grandfather’s mortality since he was 90 years old.

“Wouldn’t it be great if before he died, he could turn the TV on and see you doing something that looks like work?” she asked. Though “devastated,” Rowe said the question resonated with him. The very next day, he and his cameraman went into the San Francisco sewers where he profiled an inspector. This was the beginning of Dirty Jobs.