‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Weighs In On Why Betty White’s House Will Never Be Open to Public

by Matthew Memrick

One “Million Dollar Listing” star recently said that the Los Angeles house that Betty White died in would never be open to the public.

Or, at least, Josh Altman does not think it should be. He told TMZ his thoughts recently.

Altman Weighs In On Betty White’s House

Altman thinks it will be a “very quick sale if the family decides to sell.” The man said the selling process wouldn’t be a “headache” and that it would get “multiple offers.”

Altman said the prime Brentwood house would go fast because there are not many area houses for sale there now. He also deduced it would sell regardless of whether it was a turnkey or tear-down situation.

Altman said if he were selling the house, he would have to disclose that Betty White died there due to selling regulations.

Finally, Altman said that Betty White’s celebrity status brings $1 million more to the listing price.

The 506 North Carmelina house is a popular stop for celebrity tours. One quick look at home website Trulia has the Brentwood property valued at $5.8 million. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom house, built in 1952, sits on .72 acres.

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Said Home Probably A Private Sale

Josh Altman’s thoughts about a public sale make sense. If White’s family puts it up for sale one day, the house is worth millions. The general public probably wouldn’t get a chance to walk around inside.

Fans can go to YouTube to look around at the house, but Altman said that a reliable realtor would screen any possible buyer before letting anyone come into the house.

Altman said real estate people usually weed out superfans looking to snap some photos or video before leaving.

The “Million Dollar Listing” star said anyone who would meet those early criteria would still be subject to a demanding list of pre-tour requirements in touring Betty White’s house.

Finally, Altman said a potential buyer would have to pay big bucks for Betty White’s former colonial-style house.

White Died In House She Didn’t Want To Be In?

When the former “Golden Girls” star died in the Brentwood house on Dec. 31, 2021, fans quickly came to the house and left flowers outside at the house gate. TMZ broke the story about White’s passing weeks before her 100th birthday.

The New York Post recently reported that White did not want to die at that house.

According to a Post source, White “never wanted to leave her home in Carmel, but was forced to for at-home care.”

The source added that if White had her way, she would’ve lived and died in the more comfortable Carmel home because she shared it with her late husband. However, the Los Angeles home was reportedly more accessible.