‘Monarch’: Fox’s New Country Music Drama Releases Theme Song, ‘The Card You Gamble,’ by Caitlyn Smith

by Samantha Whidden
Monarch-Fox-New-Countr-Music-Drama-Releases-Theme-Song-The-Card-You-Gamble-Caitlyn -Smith

With the series premiere of Monarch set to take place on January 30th, Fox’s upcoming country music drama has released its theme song, which is The Card You Gamble, by Caitlyn Smith.

While sharing more details about Monarch’s theme song, Smith shared, “To jump into a song like ‘The Card You Gamble’ that has so much drama, suspense and mystery was such a fun experience. I love that the Love Junkies wrote the song almost as its own character in the show. The music is so central to the storytelling in MONARCH, and I’m just excited and honored to be a part of it.”

As previously reported, Monarch is a multi-generational country music drama about American’s first family of country music. The show’s IMDb description reads that the family, the Romans, have created a country music dynasty, but when their reign as country royalty is put in jeopardy, Nicolette (played by Anne Frier) will stop at nothing to protect her family’s legacy.

Starring alongside Frier in Monarch is Kevin Cahoon, Taegen Burns, Trace Adkins, and Susan Sarandon. Adkins, who will play Albie Roman, took to his Instagram on Thursday (January 6th) to promote the show with a snapshot of him and his television wife, Sarandon.

Before ‘Monarch’ Trace Adkins Had Various Acting Roles

According to IMDb, Trace Adkins held various acting roles throughout the years before Monarch. He just finished two film projects, which are The Desperate Riders and Maneater. 

During a 2017 interview with The Boot, Adkins spoke about his role in the film I Can Only Imagine. “Nobody’s asked me to do it. All they ask me to do are bikers and cowboys. That’s all I ever get asked to play. Except on this, I Can Only Imagine movie, where I play the manager. Which, again, is not a huge stretch. Nobody asks me to do anything else.”

While he likes filming, the Monarch star said he believes music performance is his first love. “[I love] somebody applauding. I love going in the studio. Especially with the incredibly talented musicians. But then, you go in and do the master vocal, and there’s a producer sitting in there. And you sing it to the best of your ability. And he just pushes the button and goes, ‘That was pretty good. Let’s do it again.’ He doesn’t clap.”

Fox Names Jon Feldman the Showrunner for New Series ‘Monarch’ 

In November 2021, Deadline reported that Fox named Jon Feldman as the showrunner for the upcoming series Monarch. Feldman is known for his work on various hit series. This includes The Wonder Years, Tru Calling, Dawson’s Creek, American Dreams, and Rosewell.  

Deadline also reported that Feldman is replacing Michael Rauch as Monarch showrunner. The show was created by Melissa London Hilfers, who wrote shorts like Blasphemy and Missing Piece. Executive producers of the show include Hilfers, Feldman, Gail Berman, Head Baghdady, and Jason Owen.