‘Moonshiners’: What Happened to Jeff Waldroup After Appearing on the Show?

by Anna Dunn

Some fans of Moonshiners are wondering what happened to Jeff Waldroup after appearing on the show. So here’s a look at Waldroup’s whereabouts after his time on the series.

Waldroup was on Moonshiners for eight years. If the show is anything to go by, he distilled some of the best Moonshine in the entire state of North Carolina. He appeared often alongside his son, Lance, who tragically passed away last February.

According to Reality Tidbit, Jeff is continuing to work on his distillery making moonshine. He makes frequent visits to the Elevated Mountain Distilling Company. There was a rumor that he was arrested for running an illegal distillery, but that rumor has never been backed with any fact.

He’s also been active on Tiktok, but it doesn’t look like he’s making any return to Moonshiners. On Moonshiners, he was in business with his son, and it doesn’t look like he has any plans on going on the show without him present.

Discovery Channel Announced Lance Waldroup’s Death in a Statement

In a March 1st post from last year, The Discovery Channel, which plays host to Moonshiners, released a statement about Lance Waldroup following his death.

Lance Waldroup spent several years on MOONSHINERS, bootlegging out of North Carolina with his dad, Jeff. While he was younger and less experienced than other moonshiners on the show, Lance is remembered for his ambition to learn the tricks of the trade and distilled all sorts of spirits, including moonshine, absinthe, and scotch,” the channel wrote. “Lance passed away February 25, 2021 in North Carolina. He was 30-years-old.”

The star’s official cause of death was allegedly congestive heart failure.

The channel also said that “Lance will be remembered as an adventurous distiller who was always looking to take his flavorful recipes of moonshine to new heights.”

Tragically, Lance was the third of the Waldroup children to die young. His sister died when she was only 11, and his brother died when he was 20. Lance Waldroup was said to have had survivor’s guilt about his siblings.

‘Moonshiners’ Continues to Air on Discovery

Moonshiners continues to air on discovery. A major police raid recently forced some of the moonshiners to leave their home. Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes have to find a new place to set up shop, but they’ve said they’ll find a new place soon.

If you want to watch old episodes of Moonshiners and see the Waldroups, you can watch old episodes on Discovery +. Additionally, new episodes come out on Wednesdays at 8/7 central on the discovery channel.