Mourners Build Betty White Memorial at Her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

by Shelby Scott

While we ring in a New Year, many Americans are also in mourning. This New Year’s Eve saw the tragic passing of American sweetheart, comedian, and actress Betty White. Hours following reports of her death, numerous celebrities began sharing their love, stories, and heartbreak regarding the late 99-year-old icon. Meanwhile, Betty White fans headed to the actress’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to build a touching memorial. Check it out.

Earlier photos show Betty White’s Hollywood star encircled with bouquets of flowers, candles, and stuffed animals. Though as one of America’s leading ladies, it comes as no surprise that the memorial has grown immensely.

Footage captured by Fox 11 in Los Angeles shows hordes of Betty White fans out to pay their respects. Many others left tokens of love upon the actress’s star. Some sang songs in memory of White while others spoke to the instant connection they felt whenever they turned on a Betty White show, film, or special.

Meanwhile, beneath the Twitter post, Betty White fans shared further statements of both love and grief. One of the actress’s fans wrote, “How a queen should be honored,” followed by several heart emojis. Another exclaimed, “RIP GREAT LADY,” while others hoped she was finally reunited with both her late husband, Allen Ludden, as well as all the animals that she shared so much love for.

Betty White ‘Died Peacefully in Her Sleep’

Outsiders have always known that Betty White couldn’t possibly live forever. However, her love of life and ability to laugh at herself made her energy youthful, despite 99 years on Earth. Nevertheless, we’ll surely miss the veteran actress and comedian’s quick-witted and loveable persona. But, we can at least take solace knowing she died in the most anti-climactic of ways.

Hours after initial reports regarding White’s death began filling headlines, it was later announced the 99-year-old personality had passed away peacefully in her sleep. And while Betty perhaps might have imagined her final moments a little more dynamically, we’re more than happy to know she was comfortably safe in her California home.

White’s agent and friend, Jeff Witjas, later confirmed the actress’s death and cause to People, stating she had simply passed away while asleep “at her home early this morning.”

Further, Witjas provided the icon’s fans a little more solace with, “I don’t think Betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband Allen Ludden.”

Additionally, although Betty White passed weeks before her 100th birthday, Outsiders can still look forward to the debut of the icon’s centennial celebratory documentary. Entitled, “Betty White: 100 Years Young–A Birthday Celebration,” we can look forward to the premiere in theaters on January 17th.