‘American Idol’ Alum Reveals First Pics of Newborn Son

by Taylor Cunningham

American Idol alum Kelsie Dolin got to celebrate her 19th birthday with a special person—her newborn son.

The Season 20 constant rang in her special day on August 22, and her two-week-old baby, Carter Lee, was by her side. In an Instagram story, Dolin gave fans a peek at her adorable son as a gift to them. The new mom posted a photo of herself holding the swaddled infant in her arms.

“Happy birthday to me!!!” she captioned.

Leading up to her birthday, Kelsie Dolin also shared a few other snapshots of Carter in her stories. In one, she captured him snuggling as he slept.

“Three days till my birthday!!!” she wrote. “But I already got the best gift I could ever ask for.”

And on the 17th, she posted the very first picture of her son’s face to celebrate his one-week birthday. In it, she added a glasses filter and caught him looking wide-eyed at the camera with a pacifier in his mouth.

Dolin welcomed her son on August 10th and 5:03 pm. He came into the world strong and healthy, which is all the singer had asked for.

“Y’all meet carter lee James Dolin!! He is so beautiful,” she wrote when she announced his birth. “So thankful for a healthy baby and a smooth delivery! Will be posting more soon!!! Love you guys!!”

Kelsie Dolin Was a Fan-Favorite ‘American Idol’ Singer

Kelsie Dolin only made it through a few rounds on American Idol, but she left a lasting impression on the judges and fans alike.

The teenager first won the judges over with her touching story that led her to auditions. Before showing off her vocals, she shared that her grandparents had raised her when her mother couldn’t break her struggles with addiction. She had always dreamed of becoming a singer, and her grandmother had pushed her to try, but Dolin was too shy to try.

After her grandmother passed away, Dolin kept seeing ads for Idol auditions online. So she took it as a sign from her grandmother that she was supposed to give her music passions a chance.

Dolin made it to Hollywood and through the infamous cattle call. But the judges cut her as they announced the top 24.

Throughout her time on the show, everyone praised her for “coming out of her shell,” and though she didn’t win Season 20, she recognized that her experience gave her exactly what she needed.

“Before American Idol, I didn’t talk to nobody, I shied to myself because I had put it in my head that they were all judging me on the way I acted or the way that I looked,” she said during her last episode. ” I cared too much about what people in the audience were thinking about me. I don’t give two craps now.”