‘American Idol’ Alum Scotty McCreery and Wife Gabi Reveal New Due Date for First Baby

by Chris Piner

Winning Season 10 of American Idol, country singer Scotty McCreery wasted no time releasing his first studio album the same year in October. Since his win in 2011, the singer won at the American Country Awards for new artist, again, in 2011. While 2011 appeared to be a great year for McCreery, he and his wife, Gabi, recently announced they were expecting their first child. Exciting news for the happy couple, the pregnancy announcement comes with a great due date – Halloween. 

Overjoyed about being a father, Scotty McCreery sat down with Len Holton on Country Countdown USA and discussed how the due date was different a few months ago. “Although she just had her latest ultrasound, and they said, ‘He’s measuring ahead of schedule. It looks like October 31.’ I was like, ‘Oh boy! Halloween!'” He added their child is to be a boy. “I was pretty sold it was going to be a girl, and I think she did too. So we had a girl name picked out, but we didn’t have a boy name. So we’re still in the process. It will literally pop up at dinner.”

Scotty McCreery Admits To Gabi Being Stronger

While pregnant, Scotty McCreery’s wife, Gabi, is also training to be a pediatric nurse. He admitted the knowledge has given her some increased anxiety. “She’s seen all that can go wrong, so that’s in her mind.” The singer talked about Gabi being the strong one in the relationship. “if I see her eyes get scared, I’ll probably freak out.”

Besides the news of becoming a father, Scotty McCreery noted how he still gets emotional when singing his song Five More Minutes. “I still get emotional with ‘Five More Minutes’ and I wrote the song seven years ago. A few nights ago we were playing a show with Brooks & Dunn in West Virginia, and my granddaddy who I wrote the song for, is from West Virginia. The whole time I’m singing it, I’m thinking, ‘Man, Granddaddy would totally be here right now, wearing his Mountaineer sweatshirt.’ I just kind of get lost in the lights above. It kind of got me. I get emotional all of the time.”

Sharing His Music With The Fans

It wasn’t just Scotty McCreery who was emotional when it came to his song.“ With [‘Five More Minutes’], a few different times, because again … every night it’s special. You can look out in the crowd and there’s somebody tearing up, and that song means a lot to them. I’m thinking of [the] good times [I had] with [both of my grandpas]. I’m missing them but I think when I’m singing it I’m reminiscing on [the] good times with them, and that’s what gets me.” 

With emotions running high and a baby on the way, it seems both McCreery’s personal and professional life is thriving.