‘American Idol’ Champ Noah Thompson Says He Wants to Work With Chris Stapleton

by Leanne Stahulak

“American Idol” star Noah Thompson has set some good goals for himself in the near future, including potentially working with his own “idol,” Chris Stapleton.

Thomspon already put a new single after winning “American Idol” Season 20, but he’s looking forward to making new music already. The Kentucky singer sat down with local news outlet WHAS 11 to talk about his plans and potential collaborations.

“When can we hear some new stuff from you?” the interviewer asked earlier this week.

“It’s gonna happen pretty soon,” Thompson replied. “We’re working on some stuff. It’ll happen soon. I’m looking forward to really getting to sit down and trying to write some songs with some people.”

When the interviewer asked Thompson who he’d want to work with, the “American Idol” star already had one clear answer up his sleeve.

“There’s plenty of people I wanna work with. I love Chris Stapleton,” Thompson replied. “Oh, he’s awesome. I look up to that man.”

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Stapleton is a Kentucky man himself. Those two would likely get along well and produce some incredible music. But in the meantime, Thompson is happy to work with someone who helped him get to this place in life.

“The music producer I was working with, his name is Jimmy Robbins,” the “American Idol” star explained. “He’s not a singer or nothing, but he’s so easy to work with. Man, I love him. I connected with him the first time I walked in on ‘Idol’ when he produced ‘One Day Tonight’ for me. So, he’s really easy to work with and such a good dude. I like him a lot.”

Sure Enough, ‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Started Working With Jimmy Robbins

Shortly after his interview, “American Idol” star Noah Thompson posted an update in a Nashville studio with Jimmy Robbins.

In the first photo, Thomspon took a selfie featuring Robbins hunched over his equipment, working on Thompson’s newest music. The second photo was just a selfie of Thompson next to a huge microphone and a cut-out of someone’s (Jimmy Robbins?) head. And in the final video of the post, Thompson pans around the studio where we see Robbins strumming a guitar and another person working on a laptop.

In his caption, Thompson wrote, “Always fun being in the studio with @jammyrabbins #studiotime  #nashville #bighead.”

Thompson is clearly wasting no time working on his debut album or another single. It’s encouraging to see him doing so well so soon after his “American Idol” win. Some artists struggle to create new music right when the show ends. But this can only help him get his foot in the door of the country music industry.