‘American Idol’ Champ Chayce Beckham Pulled a Hilarious Prank on Jimmie Allen While on Tour

by Chris Piner

Although American Idol has spanned over 20 years and 20 seasons, the hit competition continues to produce top talent. While people will always remember top winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, during season 19, singer Chayce Beckham captivated the judges and more importantly, the audience as he went on to be crowned the winner. Since winning American Idol, the whirlwind of success hasn’t stopped for the country singer as he recently toured with both Luke Combs and Jimmie Allen. That is on top of releasing his own songs like Keeping Me Up All Night. Recently, Beckham discussed singing with Allen and the hilarious prank he pulled on him. 

Talking with PopCulture, Chayce Beckham, still coming to terms with his success, explained the opportunity to stand beside Jimmie Allen. While grateful, Beckham admitted that Allen was like a brother to him. And with that, he joked, “It was the last show I was doing with him, and his rep was like, ‘Oh, you should dress up like Jimmie. We’ll grab one of his jackets.’ Because I would never typically wear the kind of style that Jimmie wears, just because, Jimmie’s Jimmie.”

Fashioned with the sparkling outfit and leather pants, Chayce Beckham laughed, “I went out there and sang on stage with him, and we were both just cracking up laughing because I thought it was pretty spot on. I looked just like him.”

Chayce Beckham Scheduled To Tour With Luke Combs

Continuing to move forward with his career, Chayce Beckham tours with Luke Combs this Fall. Beckham recalled the opportunity, saying, “That was one of the coolest experiences for me because it was somebody who was a mega superstar of my genre that I wanted to get to meet. After we sang together, his team reached out to mine and asked if I wanted to go with him and Riley [Green] to Canada.”

Chayce Beckham, showering fellow singers with praise, took time to plug his own work like Keeping Me Up All Night. He described the song as being about “whenever kind of somebody leaves you or is missing from your life in a sense, and you’re kind of just trapped inside your own thoughts, and that separation anxiety kicks in, and you’re just having trouble trying to fall asleep. I think we’ve all kind of had that experience.”

The singer added, “You’re waiting for somebody to text you back, or they don’t text you back, or you don’t know where they’re at. It’s driving you crazy so you’re just up ’til 4 a.m. before you can fall asleep. It’s that feeling of loneliness and anxiety.”

With Keeping Me Up All Night already streaming, Chayce Beckham teased more singles on their way this year.