‘American Idol’ Judge Katy Perry Talks Appreciation for Country Music, How ‘Heart of America Is Amazing’

by Shelby Scott

American Idol” judge Katy Perry may be iconic as one of pop music’s most popular artists. However, after working alongside Georgia native Luke Bryan for several seasons of the hit singing show, and taking her first dive into the genre, she’s sharing her appreciation for country music.

Katy Perry recently experienced country music for herself just a few months ago when she paired up with Bryan’s fellow country star Thomas Rhett for their song, “Where We Started.” The tune, which serves as the title track for Rhett’s sixth studio album, is a sentimental piece, speaking to the feelings of young love and the speed at which the world moves around us.

In speaking about her first personal experience in country music, Katy Perry said, “It’s my first stepping in, dipping my toe into that water, and I love it because it’s all about songwriting,” she told E!

She continued, “It’s all about telling a story, [and] I think storytelling is so important in life.”

In addition, the “American Idol” judge has been taking a break from the show following its season 20 finale. Currently, she’s living in Kentucky with her famous husband, Orlando Bloom. He is working on a new film there. Meanwhile, Perry has been able to explore the “heartland” on an up-close, personal level.

“I just love that heartland,” she said.

Katy Perry Might Go ‘Back to Her Roots’ Following Noah Thompson’s ‘American Idol’ Win

Orlando Bloom’s latest film may have contributed to her move to Kentucky. However, Katy Perry revealed it was also “American Idol” and the Season 20 winner Noah Thompson that brought her there.

“There is definitely something in the water in Kentucky where Noah [Thompson] comes from,” the pop star said. “That’s where we were at. So many great legends come from there, and the heart of America is amazing.”

Apparently, Katy Perry’s country music experience may have even inspired her to go back to her roots. Before the “When I’m Gone” singer established herself as one of pop’s most prominent individuals, the outlet states she set her roots in Music City, Tennessee in the early 2000s as a teenager.

Perry revealed, “I might get back a little bit to my roots with that singer-songwriter side. That’s where I started. I spent so much time in Nashville laying my musical foundation, so I’d love to continue along on that path.”

Nevertheless, while we can hopefully look forward to more Katy Perry features in country music, ABC has confirmed the busy pop star will also return for the next all-new season of “American Idol.” In addition, we can also expect the return of Perry’s co-judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. And, unsurprisingly, the network also expects longtime host, Ryan Seacrest, to return to his usual role.