‘American Idol’ Star Leah Marlene Speaks Out About Her Experience on the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

American Idol’s Leah Marlene is opening up about her career after placing third in this year’s competition. And as she revealed, starring in the long-running TV series has not opened any doors in the music industry.

Today, the 21-year-old penned a letter to her fans on Instagram. And she admitted that her life has been “really freaking hard” the past few months, which was completely unexpected.

“Hi. I could write a novel about my experience coming off of American Idol,” she began. ” I have been working my ass off nonstop to make something happen out of this, and I feel like I’m going in never-ending circles.”

Alongside an emotional original song, Leah Marlene shared that coming off the high of her near win has made her “question everything” about herself. And as she tries to create a name for herself in the music world, she’s feeling “misunderstood by the industry.”

While she’s proud of her American Idol friends who have been excelling since the close of season 20, Marlene is struggling with “the comparison game.” She’s wondering why she can’t find her footing and finally land her big break.

“I know I have countless people that are so proud of me and believe in me so deeply,” she wrote. “And I know that we are all on our own journey and our own timeline. But somehow I just feel so deeply alone in this experience. I’m at the point of complete emotional exhaustion and I can no longer pretend like it all doesn’t phase me.”

As she continued, the singer admitted that she has noticed a few changes since coming off the Hollywood stage. However, she still battles constant frustration. And that makes her feel like she’s “back at square one.”

The ‘American Idol’ Champion Has Been ‘Putting in the Work’ For ‘Over Half’ Her Life

Marlene’s biggest frustration comes from the years of work she’s put into becoming a well-known artist. She has been forging her career for over six years. Plus, she also put in more than seven years of training.

“I have been putting the work in for over half of my life,” she added. “So it feels pretty sh**ty to feel like I’m back at the start all over again after such a promising opportunity.”

Luckily, Leah Marlene knows her value, and she also knows that she has “something unique” to share with the world. So, in the end, it will all “be alright.”

But until then, Marlene wants to be “transparent” about her journey and explain that American Idol didn’t pan out to be the dream that she expected.

“Thank you for your endless encouragement, love, and support,” she concluded. “Here’s to brighter days.”