‘American Idol’s Luke Bryan Has Perfect Reaction to Fan That Invites Him to Their Wedding

by Taylor Cunningham

During a July concert, a Luke Bryan fan invited the Country crooning American Idol judge to his fall wedding. We assume Luke is too busy with his career to make an appearance at the nuptials. But he did give the couple some sage and simple marital advice that they will remember forever.

The hilarious interaction came during the singer’s Hartford, Connecticut, event on July 30th. In between songs, the groom-to-be shouted out to Luke that he had an invitation to his wedding this October and he’d like Luke to have it. Being the gentleman that he is, Luke accepted the invitation and paused his music set to chat about the upcoming blessed event.

Luckily, the bride caught the entire interaction on camera and posted it for her TikTok friends. You can watch it below.


Invited @lukebryan to our wedding last night while at his VIP preshow at Xfinity Theater in CT! His response is something we will never forget! Thanks for the amazing memory and the incredible concert ❤️ #lukebryan #raiseduprighttour #weddingtok

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“Invited @lukebryan to our wedding last night while at his VIP pre show at Xfinity Theater in CT,” the fan captioned under the video. ”His response is something we will never forget! Thanks for the amazing memory and the incredible concert.”

Luke Bryan Will Take the ‘Stuffed Shrimp’

First, Luke Bryan asked the groom if he had a clever plot to get him to buy “body oils” for the bridal party. And the groom happily declared that his only intention was to invite Luke and his wife Caroline so they could have a “good ole’ time.”

As the singer worked to open the envelope he commented that the couple doesn’t want his mother to attend the wedding with him because she’ll “eat all the Hors d’oeuvres.” But that didn’t detour the groom either. He said she could also head to the wedding and eat to her heart’s content.

Once Luke finally pulled the card from the envelope, he commented on how fancy the invitation looked. And he went on to read all the dinner choices, which were chicken Milano, New York sirloin, and crabmeat stuffed shrimp—Luke said he’d have the “stuffed shrimp.”

With a smile, Luke Bryan congratulated the couple on their love and asked if they like some of his personal marriage advice.

Luke married his college sweetheart, Caroline Boyer, in 2006. Together, they share two sons, a decades-long prank war, and an enviably close marriage. So, of course, the couple was eager to hear what the singer had to say.

“Yes sir!” the groom shouted.

“Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty,” Luke said with a smirk.

The couple gladly accepted the advice and so did the entire crowd as they erupted in a joined, “Yeah!” and a round of applause.