‘American Idol’s Luke Bryan Invites Nashville First Responders To Be in New ‘Country On’ Music Video

by Alex Falls

Country music superstar Luke Bryan is hard at work bringing new music to his fans. On Friday, he dropped his latest single, “Country On”. The song is already popular among his fans, but there’s still more to come.

The Metro Nashville PD posted on their Twitter account a big thank you to Bryan for honoring their police officers in the shoot for the “Country On” music video.

“THANK YOU to @lukebryan for including Officer Evan Grace, Sgt. Zach Bevis & Officer Kelly Turcios in the video for his new song, Country On. The video was recorded in downtown Nashville this morning,” wrote the Nashville PD official Twitter account.

The accompanying music video is still being filmed, but Bryan went ahead and provided the song to his loyal listeners ahead of Independence Day weekend. The official audio is available on his official Youtube page.

How Do Fans Feel About the New Luke Bryan Song?

Fans are already loving the song. Less than a day after release, the comments section is already filled with messages of love. “Love it Luke!!!! You never disappoint! This is definitely gonna be a good sing a long song!!” wrote one listener. “Great theme with full verses that honour those who protect & serve, the farming industry, truckers, bartenders, rodeo warriors, hard working musicians, & our hometowns! Country On – This will surely be a hit!” another said.

Bryan’s fans are some the most loyal in country music. One user had high praise for the artist after hearing the new song. “Another amazing, awesome song from one of the best country artist ever. This one is good I like the beat, and the rhythm.”

The country star marked the new song with a celebratory post on his Instagram as well.

He tagged the post with a line from the new song that will surely become iconic among his fans. “Keep on with your songs ‘til the whole world’s singing along…#CountryOn.”

The song dropped just before 4th of July weekend. As a country music superstar, Bryan loves to celebrate the birth of America as much as the next person. Recently, he revealed his plans for the holiday, and they’re suitable for anyone looking for a relaxing way to enjoy the extra-long weekend.

“My plans for the Fourth are always to be on the boat somewhere on the water,” Bryan said. “And buy fireworks, send ’em up in the sky for the boys, but it’s always a boat and water, whether it’s in the Gulf of Mexico, whether it’s in Georgia. We don’t have a total plan yet, but we’ll be having a good time on the fourth.”