‘American Idol’: Noah Thompson, Huntergirl to Blaze Their Own Trails in Country Music

by Emily Morgan

Noah Thompson and Huntergirl are undoubtedly rising stars in the country music lane, but how do they differ? We first came to love them when they shined on “American Idol.” Following Thompson’s new-found titles as the winner of “American Idol,” with Huntergirl right behind him as runner-up, we’re excited to see how they evolve into stardom.

While we’re not sure what’s in store for the young vocalists, we do know that they’re carving out their path down the road to country music fame. For Thompson, who won Americans over with his genuinely authentic country voice, his future is still unclear. However, we know he plans on keeping it country for his fans.

Thompson quickly emerged as the underdog on this season of “American Idol.” Although he seemed to lack confidence early on, he came into his own, which helped him garner America’s votes. As for Huntergirl, she consistently blew us away from day one with her standalone vocals and heart as pure as the platinum ticket she received on day one.

As for Thompson’s plans, he admits he plans on taking it easy. However, the fresh-faced 20-year-old from Kentucky recently admitted he’s got a lot to learn about the business.

During an interview, Thompson shared with the Herald-Dispatch that he’s back home in Louisa, Kentucky, and spends his days just trying to take it all in after getting his mowing done, of course. But, first, he plans on learning the grind of what it takes to become a country artist while making sure he stays true to himself.

“I’m not trying to be a pop-country artist,” he said. “I don’t want to be a pop-country artist. That’s not me. That’s why I didn’t wear certain clothes. I still wear my boots, my blue jeans, and my flannel — that’s just me. I want to be a soulful, rock-country-type deal.”

Noah Thompson, Huntergirl take two different approaches to stardom

As for Tennessee native Hunergirl, she’s quickly learning the ropes as she has begun work with A-list Nashville songwriters Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz.

Before making her “Idol” debut, she had had her fair share of Nashville’s songwriting scene. However, now she says she’s ready to get on the road and share her music with her fans.

“I want to go out on tour,” she said, per TV Insider. Most importantly, Huntergirl says she wants to thank all those who supported her. Yet, she can’t help but dream of hearing her music on the radio and says she would “love to play the Opry one day.”

Although they’ve chosen the same genre, it makes us wonder what their futures will look like. For Huntergirl, she’s hitting the pavement and working with a sense of urgency to achieve her dreams. Meanwhile, Thompson chose to take a more systematic approach, hoping to grow as an artist. Time will only tell.