‘American Idol’ Champ Noah Thompson Talks New Music Coming From His Time in Nashville

by Blake Ells

Reigning American Idol winner Noah Thompson is on a roll. He released a version of his pivotal cover of Rihanna’s “Stay,” and more new music is on the way. The 20-year-old Kentucky native is spending a lot of time in Nashville these days, and the work is going well.

The formal release of “Stay” was a big moment for Noah Thompson. He says that the performance on the show during the Showstoppers round was the turning point of his trajectory in the competition. It’s a song that his friend suggested to him when he was auditioning.

“Arthur just basically forced me to sing the song so we could send it in,” Thompson tells Country Now. “But I didn’t realize how it would be one of my biggest moments on the show doing that song. I guess nobody expects a kid with work boots and flannel to walk out and sing a Rihanna song.”

He’s spent his time since the show driving back and forth from his Kentucky home to the Music City. He’s gotten to work with a pretty prolific songwriter or two along the way.

“I got to sit down with Josh Thompson and I found out that he was one of the writers on ‘Wasted on You’ for Morgan Wallen,” he said. “So I was really excited about that. That was really cool for me.”

Noah Thompson is learning a lot about the process that isn’t anything like his previous approach.

“The only thing I’ve ever done is I’ve sat in my bathroom at the house, my guitar and that’s as far as songwriting has ever gone for me,” he said.

Noah Thompson is Working With Nashville Legends

Noah Thompson is also working with folks like Jimmy Robbins.

“I watched them both write a song and it took ’em both like 30 minutes,” he said of his time with Robbins and Josh Thompson. “But he was walking me through it, how that works, how they go through that. You guys are going back on an idea and whoever’s idea fits the title, then that’s what you go with and that’s what you write about. And I think that’s so neat how that works out. Cause I’ve never done it that way. So that was unique for me.”

Noah Thompson had only been in a studio once when he met with Robbins. That was when he recorded “One Day Tonight.” But he says that Robbins made the process effortless. He feels like his experiences songwriting in Nashville will add a lot of depth to his music.

“I’m getting to experience so many new things and do all this and it’s just so much fun,” he said.

There’s no word yet on when we can expect to hear more of the new music. But it sounds like it’s sooner rather than later.