‘American Idol’ Season 20 Finalist Takes Huge Career Step

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly two months after Season 20 of “American Idol” came to an end, finalist Leah Marlene officially signed with a management company. 

Marlene, who came in third place on “American Idol’s” latest season, has signed with Madison House. The management company shared in an Instagram post last week. “Please join us in welcoming your favorite ‘American Idol’ finalist, Leah Marlene to the Madison House family!” 

Madison House went on to declare that Marlene is a very popular 20-year-old songwriter, artist, and producer. “[She] has a unique, engaging voice and a songwriting style that combines elements of pop, soul, funk, jazz, rock, Americana, and more.”

Leah Marlene’s bio on the Madison House website further reads, “Leah is a lover of people and her greatest hope is that her music may meet you exactly where you are at and help you feel whatever it is you need to feel in a given moment.”

Madison House reveals that the “American Idol” finalist’s August 27th homecoming concert is a nearly sold-out event. She will be performing in Normal Illinois at the Corn Crib Stadium field. The event is happening rain or shine. Along with the homecoming concert, Leah Marlene will also be performing in Evanston, Illinois on July 30th and West Hollywood, California on October 5th. She recently returned from Europe after performing for U.S. Navy troops.

Leah Marlene Discusses How ‘American Idol’ Was Different in Person Than on TV 

Prior to the season finale of “American Idol,” Leah Marlene spoke to Parade about how the show is different in person versus on TV. 

“There are so many people behind the scene that you don’t even realize,” Marlene explained. “But they’re literally the reason that we’re growing the way that we are. They’re like our counselors and also mentoring us in our careers and in our choices on the show.”

Marlene also shared her appreciation for the “American Idol” crew. “I wish they could all just get up on stage and get all the credit in the world because they’re the ones really behind this show.”

Marlene then spoke about how “American Idol” fans vote for their favorite contestant. “People vote for people that they connect with,” she shared. “And people that they like. And so as much as performance is important, what is shown of you in your packages leading up to it definitely plays a key role in how connected people feel to you.”

In regards to being a part of the “American Idol” family, Marlene added, “It’s really cool with ‘American Idol’ because once you’re in the family, you’re in the family. So we all now have this connection to all of our idols that have been on the show before. That wall is broken down and it’s been really cool. I think all of us have had experience with connecting with past idols that we looked up to.”