‘American Idol’ Star Huntergirl Posts BTS Video of Her ‘Surreal Experience’ Performing on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’

by Leanne Stahulak

“American Idol” Season 20 runner-up Huntergirl has a bright future ahead of her, as evidenced by her recent hit single “Red Bird.”

The 24-year-old from Winchester, Tennesee, absolutely amazed audiences on “American Idol” from the start. She impressed the judges, including fellow country star Luke Bryan. Though she lost to Noah Thompson, Huntergirl still came out strong after the competition. She released her single, “Red Bird,” and even performed on “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” following the season finale.

Huntergirl’s posted sporadically about her time on the talk show. But earlier this week, she included a behind-the-scenes video of her incredible performance on Instagram.

“BTS of ‘Red Bird’ from Live with Kelly and Ryan. This was a surreal experience. I still can’t believe it! Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting this song,” the “American Idol” star wrote in the caption. “I love y’all so much.”

Less than a week ago, Huntergirl also revealed how “Red Bird” hit #1 on the All Genre chart on Apple iTunes. Coincidentally, right below hers was “American Idol” Season 20 winner Noah Thompson’s original song “One Day Tonight.” The two contestants charted higher than Harry Styles and Lizzo as well.

‘American Idol’ Star Huntergirl Honors Veterans and Service Members for Memorial Day

Earlier this weekend, “American Idol” contestant Huntergirl posted a powerful message in honor of Memorial Day. She has a deep love for veterans and military members, having worked as a musical therapist for them before joining “Idol.”

In her post, we see Huntergirl wearing a patriotic shirt and singing at some kind of outdoor venue. It wouldn’t surprise us to learn that she performed somewhere this past weekend, perhaps close to home in Tennesee.

“Today we remember the sacrifice so many men and women made for this country. Sending so much love and prayers to anyone who has lost a loved one. Thank you so much to all the veterans that I work with. Thinking of you today. I love y’all and appreciate you so much,” Huntergirl wrote in her caption.

Most of the veterans that Huntergirl works with suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. She assists them by helping them turn their experiences into meaningful songs and learning to heal through music. It’s unclear if she’ll return to this kind of work now that she’s risen to such heights on “American Idol.”

But if nothing else, Huntergirl can certainly use her platform to advocate for veterans and service members.