‘American Idol’ Star HunterGirl Posts Epic Photos From Nashville Super Speedway Performance

by Emily Morgan

Although HunterGirl was named runner-up during the latest season of “American Idol,” it’s not holding her back from reaching her dreams in the world of music. Recently, the rising star performed for thousands at the Nashville Super Speedway. 

After the event, the “Red Bird” singer gushed about the whirlwind of an experience via Instagram. 

“Had so much fun getting to play yesterday at the @nashvillesuperspeedway!,” HunterGirl wrote with a heart emoji on Saturday. “Thank y’all for having me! Thank you so much to everyone who came out. I had a blast getting to play with some of my favorite musicians and friends here in Nashville. Love y’all so much!”

Before the show, she also took to Facebook to express her excitement. “So excited to play at the Nashville Superspeedway!” the 23-year-old wrote on her Facebook page on Thursday. “It’s gonna be fun!”

HunterGirl, whose real name is Hunter Wolkonowski, is currently on the ascent following her spectacular journey on “Idol.” Throughout her career on the show, the country singer undoubtedly received some solid advice from judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. However, one piece of guidance came from a surprising individual. 

HunterGirl reveals the surprising person who gave her memorable advice

On Sadie Robertson Huff’s podcast, WHOA That’s Good, the star revealed that she felt nervous about being in the popular singing competition and how a store employee surprisingly gave her the best piece of advice that she’ll never forget.

Before she was jetted off for Los Angeles to tape “American Idol,” she was “scared to death” and “really in my head overthinking everything. Just worried, you know? Feeling very, very human.” 

When she was shopping with her mom for some outfits to take with her for the next two and a half months on American Idol, she ran into someone who would totally alter her mindset. 

HunterGirl said the lady at the shopping counter was talking to her and encouraging her about being on “American Idol.” 

“I was telling her how worried I was ’cause I talk to everybody,” she told the “Duck Dynasty” alum. She said that the employee gave her the best advice that she ever received. “If God sends you to it, then He’ll see you through it,” she revealed. 

HunterGirl also admitted that the advice “just sent me on my way and I felt so calm and at peace in that moment.” She added that she thought of that specific piece of advice every time she took the stage and will always carry it with her. 

The country music artist also revealed that she doesn’t think the woman fully realized “how much that she touched me in that moment, but that’s what I really needed.” You can listen to HunterGirl’s latest single, “Red Bird,” here