‘American Idol’ Star Tells Hilarious Story Behind Viral Jimmie Allen Prank

by Shelby Scott

Not many people can say they got the best of country music‘s Jimmie Allen, however, American Idol star Chayce Beckham is one of the few people who can affirm that he has. In a new interview, the singer not only shared some stories about touring alongside the “Down Home” singer and country music‘s newest megastar Luke Combs, but he also described a hilarious prank he pulled on none other than Jimmie Allen.

“It was the last show I was doing with him,” the American Idol Season 19 winner recalled with PopCulture, “and his rep was like, ‘Oh, you should dress up like Jimmie. We’ll grab one of his jackets.'” He explained the significance of the jacket, stating, “I would never typically wear the same kind of style that Jimmie wears, just because, Jimmie’s Jimmie.”

While we’re certain plenty of pranks take place behind the scenes on Jimmie Allen’s tour, Chayce Beckham had no qualms about taking his own practical joke all the way out onto the stage. On the final night of the tour alongside Jimmie Allen, the singer described wearing a “sparkly bedazzled outfit” and “super tight” spandex leather pants.

“I went out there and sang on stage with him, and we were both just cracking up laughing because I thought it was pretty spot on,” the American Idol star admitted. “I looked just like him.”

‘American Idol’ Season 20 Champ Feels Guilty About The Win

Chayce Beckham took home the win on American Idol during its 19th season, but it was 20-year-old country music singer Noah Thompson that claimed this year’s crown. And while country music seems to be dominating the reality TV competition, Thompson admitted, months after winning the 20th season of American Idol, that he feels guilty about doing so. Here’s why.

During a recent interview, Noah Thompson admitted that he feels guilty about his win because he lacked the performance and songwriting experience that some of the other American Idol contestants, like runner-up HunterGirl or third-place winner Leah Marlene, had.

“I haven’t been out in Nashville playing shows,” Thompson recently explained. “I’ve done some little things, but like with Hunter, Leah, all of them…you know, they’ve been playing shows their whole life doing these things and I haven’t. I didn’t grow up playing shows.”

In fact, had it not been for one of Noah Thompson’s close friends, there’s a good chance his name wouldn’t be nearly as big in the music industry as it is now. Thompson also recalled performing his cover of Rihanna’s “Stay,” which he recently officially released on various streaming platforms. Of that song’s significance, the American Idol winner said, “I didn’t realize how [that song] would be one of my biggest moments on the show.”