‘American Idol’ Stars Run Into Travel Difficulties While Overseas Performing for Troops

by Samantha Whidden

Earlier this week, “American Idol” stars ran into some travel difficulties while heading overseas to perform for U.S. military troops. 

“American Idol” Season 20 finalist Leah Marlene was heading to Europe with Season 15 winner Trent Harmon to play a few shows for the U.S. Navy. “I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity,” Marlene wrote on Instagram while waiting on her flight. “And can’t wait to see what beautiful people and memories this week has in store! Love you guys!!! Have a wonderful week my friends!!!”

However, the “American Idol” alum hit some travel woes on her way to Europe. She posted snapshots and videos of the journey, which included travel itinerary struggles and multiple flight delays. 

Luckily, both “American Idol” stars managed to be at their first tour on July 6th in Souda Bay on time. But then the duo managed to get stranded in Athens. Marlene updated her followers by writing, “Stranded in Athens for the night. Pretty much every flight on this trip has been significantly delayed… that’s post-COVID airport travel for ya!”

Luckily, Marlene was able to do the trip with her father, HoneymoonSuite guitarist Derry Grehan. He shared a snapshot of the view in Athens. “Took this from my hotel room his morning in Athens. Leah and I are bouncing around the Mediterranean doing some shows for U.S. Navy troops. Lots of fun so far but flying is a mess everywhere.”

‘American Idol’ Stars Continue to Struggle With Flight Delays & Missing Baggage While On Touring in Europe

After leaving Athens, the “American Idol” finalist hit another snag on the trip. She shared in an Instagram story that the crew arrived in Munich Germany with guitars but nothing else. Her dad chimed in with some optimism. “Hey, we have guitars! We’re halfway there.”

In response to her dad’s optimistic remark, Marlene declared, “Yes! That’s all that matters. We can put on a show, we might smell really bad, but we can put on a show.”

Despite the struggles, Marlene ended up appreciating the Munich Airport. “This is the best airport ever. It is SO QUIET dare I say peaceful!?” she declared in her Instagram stories. “Who knew an airport could be so peaceful. So clean. The food is so fresh. Vibes are good.”

Meanwhile, “American Idol” fans gushed about how Marlene and Harmon were touring together. “Omg Trent!! I adored him on Idol,” one fan declared. Another commenter shared, “I didn’t know you were close to Trent!”

Fans also appreciated Marlene’s father going along with her on the trip. Grehan made appearances alongside his daughter while she auditioned for “American Idol” and continued her journey through the competition.