‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Crushes Acoustic Cover of Rihanna Hit: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

American Idol champ Noah Thompson is rapidly making headway in the country music industry after taking home the crown this past season. After making his debut at CMA Fest in June, the budding star took to Instagram to announce the release of his newest single “Stay,” a cover of Rihanna’s 2012 hit, on Friday. Sharing an acoustic version of the single, fans flooded the comments to praise the release.

“If y’all ever wondered what ‘Stay’ sounds like country, here you go,” the young singer said in his clip. The video went live on the platform on the day of the single’s release, with the American Idol star’s version of the song available on various streaming platforms.

American Idol fans took to the comments to boast about their new favorite singer.

“Just downloaded!!” one of Thompson’s followers boasted. “Keep it up Noah!! You’re going to be huge! Love your voice!”

Another gushed, “Your voice gives me goosebumps every time Noah! Never stop singing.”

Of the new single, other American Idol fans wrote, “So glad it’s out. Love your version so much!!”

So far, the American Idol alum has just two singles out. However, be sure to check back at American Entertainment to stay up to date on when Noah Thompson plans to release his next song.

What Has Noah Thompson Been Up To Since Winning ‘American Idol’?

Clearly, Noah Thompson has kept up a busy schedule since winning American Idol. However, aside from producing new music, what else has the young country star been up to?

Well, of his new career, Thompson shared during a recent interview, “It’s been a wild ride, man. At first, after the show ended, I went back home for a minute and took it all in with my family.”

Together, he explained, “We just came back to earth for a second, because it’s been a whirlwind of a year.”

In regard to his professional endeavors, the American Idol star said, “I’m just making these trips back and forth to Nashville right now, and I’m getting to experience co-writing, all kinds of cool stuff, man.”

Following the release of “Stay” on Friday, Thompson revealed that, if he plans to continue producing new music, he’ll definitely be able to move forward more quickly in a familiar place. During the interview, he explained, “I think definitely, for me, I feel like I’ve got to be in my own element to write a song.”

He then went into detail about one of the most stressful rounds he experienced while on American Idol.

“When we did the Showstoppers round, I was nervous out of my mind…Idol‘s fun, don’t get me wrong, but you also feel judged when you’re performing, you know what I’m saying?”