‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Previews Original New Song, Fans Go Wild

by Shelby Scott

Season 20 of American Idol concluded with 20-year-old country singer Noah Thompson taking home the year’s win. Now, weeks after the hit singing show’s finale, the young artist debuted an all-new original song called “On the Outside” and it has fans going wild.

According to ScreenRant, Thompson’s brand new song is especially huge for him as, during his time on American Idol, he emphasized that his talents lie in the realm of singing and that he would leave the songwriting to the professionals. In fact, while the season’s finalists Leah Marlene and HunterGirl recorded their own songs, “Flowers” and “Red Bird,” in making the Top 7, Thompson chose to record “One Day Tonight.”

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the American Idol winner posted a clip, recorded via TikTok of him singing the new song. Before launching into the first verses, he said, “Alright, so here’s something I’ve been working on, I don’t consider myself a good songwriter, but I don’t know. We’ll see what you all think.”

In sharing the video with fans, Thompson asked, “Tell me what y’all think, should I finish it?”

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

“Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!” one of the Idol star’s followers wrote. “Please, please finish. There’s another #1 hit waiting to skyrocket!”

Another deadpanned, “Yep, it’s a keeper #finishit.”

Less seriously, another of the American Idol singer’s fans commented, “You could literally sing the phone book and we’d all be like [drooling]. haha! SOOO good!! Definitely finish and release it.”

See Noah Thompson’s CMA Fest Highlight Reel Post ‘American Idol’

Noah Thompson may just be launching his career as a songwriter, however, as we saw on American Idol, he’s already got the makings of a star. Before sharing a preview of his all-new original song on Instagram on Monday, he shared with fans a highlight reel capturing the exciting and memorable events from his “first ever CMA Fest.”

The clip, which you can view below, captures both professional and behind-the-scenes moments from CMA Fest. One part of the reel sees Noah Thompson taking to the stage as the crowd cheers his arrival. Beforehand, however, we see the American Idol winner sporting knee-high cowboy boots and a ball cap covering bleach blonde hair extensions. All in all, it’s one of our favorite Noah Thompson looks by far.

Jokes aside, however, the singer thanked country music star Jimmie Allen as well as Chayce Beckham for having him onstage. In addition, he addressed fans, writing, “shout out to all the fans for all your love, I loved getting to say hi and meet y’all in person.”

Aside from his current piece, Thompson saw massive success with his hit single “One Day Tonight,” with the song achieving No. 4 on iTunes in May.